Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Deni Responds To WonderWoman

Deni responded to a bit of the WonderWoman insanity. We repost her response here with permission.

The identity of "wonderwoman" has not been confirmed yet, though we are working on it.

Original post by WonderWoman:

Wonder Woman (User)


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All I want to know if where the f#%~ did everyone's brain go to? This Deni person is now dying or close to it? Since when? Check out that bleeding heart blog. Or is it still here before she cleansed her soul by deleting important posts? Didn't she say at some point that she stopped doing Kimkins to lose the rest of her weight? Isn't her #$^$ picture on Kimkins advertising? Gee, maybe she got paid? May she's having second thoughts? Maybe she wants to create a huge pot of sh#~ so Kimmer will take the pictures down? It seems she doesn't have a job and wants to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon along with her BFFL Christin. Hell, their health trashed from Kimkins so let's collect some big bucks!

Deni's Response -

I don't know why I feel the need to do this but... just in case this person actually reads this thread.... let me enlighten you to the truth.

dying or close to it???? I NEVER SAID THAT!!! Perhaps you need help actually reading.
bleeding heart blog??? I don't see that interpretation??? MY blog is not even close to that!!! I speak from the heart, about my issues... I am not a sensationalist at all...
deleting important posts?? What???? If any of my posts were deleted... SOMEONE else deleted them!!! Hmmmm I wonder who????
stopped Kimkins at 142 lbs... today I'm 148... and doing Atkins... but didn't start Atkins till about a week ago... don't know where you got this theory from???
My picture... well.. Kimmer decided to leave it there.. NOT ME!! I wish she'd take it down!!! But I know that legally.. I signed a copyright to Heidi Diaz... so I can't even ask her to take it down. And yes.. she paid me $200 to cover expenses of getting the picture taken, and asked me not to tell anyone that b/c she didn't want any of the other "success stories" to ask for money. But.. I DID NOT ASK for the money.

doesn't have a job?? ummm , yes I do.. I own my own business.. not that it's any of YOUR business.

lawsuit bandwagon- umm.. I didn't even want to join the lawsuit, but I did join because the Lawyer said the more people we have, the quicker we can get her shut down. So, while I don't care about the $40 membership fee I paid... I do care that she gets stopped as soon as possible.

my BFFL Christin- well, yes.. she is now my best friend... she is a wonderful sweet HONEST person, and I'm proud to stand by her with the truth as our bond. How dare you take her health situation lightly... IF it is related to Kimkins... I can only pray that Kimkins is shut down because of it. Neither Christin or I care about the money.. we care about the people who are being caught in the snares of hatred and sickness MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY over at Kimkins!!!

so wonderwoman... not that we have to really wonder who you are... any more stupid accusations you like to spew???


Anonymous said...

that arrogant post had to come from no one other that the mighty
did i miss anyone? Only she could ramble partial truths off like that!

i speak on behalf of all the "mentally-ill" people that were banned from the lifelong membership from her "KIMKINS DIE SITE"

Don't waste your valuable time on this- Remember:

take back your power Deni, and so should anyone else that has had the misfortune of being duped by her!

Prayers to Christin xoxo

signed, JenniferBilling381 (that was my screen name at KIMKINS until she killed me)

now known as JAYBEE on the forums ( i wont tell you which one, MOST HIGH KIMMER-HEIDI-KIMBERLEY-DRAKE-DIAZ (DID I FORGET ANYONE) you will have to come find me, or send your mignons to do i am still awaiting my refund!!!!!!

Kimkins Dangers said...

"you will have to come find me, or send your mignons to do it"

I'm not picking at you, but that has to be one of the funniest typos I have seen in a long time! Mignons! I can picture a fleet of little steaks on legs chasing around the web, HAH!

Minions, I'm sure, is the word that was meant there. :)

S said...

Could be a typo - or the most obscure humor I've seen in it..

Because Mignon would be on Atkins, whom Kimmer called Fatkins until she needed it (them) to save her sorry behind.

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