Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Closer Look at Heidi Diaz Surveillance Pictures

First, we have a picture from a youtube video, posted by Brandon's girlfriend, which shows them playing outside of Heidi's apartment. Note the shape of the garage support. The second image is from the surveillance photos of Heidi Diaz.

Now, another image that we found while watching the youtube video. A shot of the exterior signs and lanterns that are used at the apartment complex. The first image is from the youtube video and the second is from the surveillance photos.

For anyone that remains questioning whether the woman in the photos is indeed Heidi Diaz, consider what we have just posted. Video stills showing Brandon Diaz and his girlfriend outside a garage that is the same as the one Heidi Diaz parked her van in. Video stills showing the exterior lanterns and distinctly shaped signs used at the complex where Brandon Diaz lives that are the same as the lantern and sign on the exterior of the building where Heidi Diaz lives.



BabyBug said...

Very convincing and impressive work on connecting the pieces of the puzzle!!
Thank you for posting these pictures. Maybe this will aid in the education of those who still doubt that Kimmer is the obese woman photographed recently.

Just to be clear to Kimmer’s supporters-
I am not gloating over the fact that she has a weight issue!
The issue for myself and most of the people discussing this topic is the DECEPTION and the SAFETY of the plan. Not just the weight!

-The Deception of Kimmer's current weight. She is not currently the 118 pounds she reported in her interview with Jimmy.

-The Deception that Kimmer has not maintained for 5 years or any length of time the supposed weight loss from doing the diet she promotes to myself and other members. Without this being true how do I or you know that the weight loss will not come back and more importantly the LONG term health effects.

-The Deception of selling her diet to me and many others under the guise that she had maintained this weight. Just look at Kimkins home page… read the words.

-The Deception and fraud Kimmer committed in selling me and you a membership by using fake pictures of herself on her website and in the WW article….How many of you joined based on that article? Yes, Christin was real and did lose the weight but only RECENTLY!
However, if a true picture of Kimmer had been in there as the founder of the plan would you have said “Oh yes this is the plan for me?”

-The current Deception when Kimmer lied to us members by posting how Heidi was not her but her business partner. She continues lying to the members daily!

As you can see it is not the fact that she is obese but the fact that she has been shown to be a Charlatan, Fraud, Con Artist, Swindler and many other nouns.

But one thing most definitely that Ms. Kimmer is not is your FRIEND or even gives a second thought to your welfare or safety.

It’s Deception by her for her without consideration of the health consequences of the Kimkins plan!!!

So my final questions for all the members who still support Kimmer/Heidi Diaz is.....Why?????

Before someone declares…. “Because the plan works…..I loose weight!!!”
I would say you are correct you do loose weight!

But consider this list of ten conditions/situations that can cause weight loss:
Drug Abuse- Cocaine, amphetamines…
Kidney Failure
Laxative abuse
anorexia nervosa
Bulimia or Binging

Should these be part of any weight lost program?
Would you pay $60.00 to have any of the first six conditions?

Then why do you support a person who sold a diet that incorporates the last four?!?!?

Do you still think Ms. Kimmer is your Friend????


OhYeahBabe said...


Stop the fraud! Join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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