Monday, September 24, 2007

Calling Tippy Out by KimPossible

Over at the Kkatastrophe Diet Blog, Kim Possible has written a new post about Kimkins new PR Director, Jeannie Baitinger, aka Tippy Toes. As a paid staff member, Jeannie is open to scrutiny by those investigating the Kimkins scam and her integrity is definitely on the line. Much has been uncovered about Ms. Baitinger, though not all of it will be said here as it involves innocent parties.

However, we would like to point you to Kkatastrophe Diet Blog's new article about Tippy Toes. Please read the full article here!

Calling Tippy Out…

I, like many others, am constantly having to catch up with the LCF thread. Sometimes I don’t bother, b/c I have so many other things to do. But today, only being 7 pages or so behind, I am attempting it. I came across this, an apparent post by Tippy Toes on the KK site:


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