Wednesday, September 26, 2007

BBB Summarizes Complaints

Ducky at Kimkins Exposed wrote today that the BBB has posted a "Complaint Summary" for the Kimkins listing at the BBB website! Great! Check out the article here!

While looking over the BBB post, we also found this disclaimer written by the BBB under the Kimkins listing:

This company offers an on line diet program which is advertised as the only fast weight loss diet that does not use supplements, or require excercise. The cost of the plan is $59.95 for a lifetime membership which entitles the buyer to Kimkins diet food lists, sample menus , recipe library, support forums, an online personal journal, and direct access to Kimmer, the diet's founder. The company also offers an affiliate program which pays dieters to recruit new members into the plan. Affiliates are compensated with a free membership, or by earning 25% commission on new member recruits which amounts to $14.99 per new person.

The BBB routinely advises consulting your doctor before starting any weight-loss regimen or ingesting diet pills or supplements. Many diet promoters make claims concerning the safety or effectiveness of the products they promote that appear to be based on science or medical studies. In most cases, claims made in weight loss ads are actually exploitations of popular misconceptions about your health, cleverly used to maximize profits for the promoter.

A healthy dose of skepticism and a little investigating can help you avoid wasting money or jeopardizing your health on fad diets, or fad diet products. To avoid losing money on unproven remedies, watch out for promises of "quick and painless" results. Other marketing strategies routinely used by fraudulent promoters might be claims of "scientific breakthroughs," "special," "secret" or "ancient" formulas available only for a short time, and only from one supplier. Be skeptical of testimonials reporting incredible weight loss results from "satisfied users," especially if no substantive medical support for the claim is offered.


Kimmerexia said...

And now Kimkins has been downgraded once again to a "D" rating that comes with a clear warning against doing business!

Anonymous said...


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