Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kimkins Recovery

There are so many currently switching from Kimkins to a healthier weight loss plan. I'd like to open this thread for research website submissions that anyone would like to share about healthy low-carb diets, metabolism and metabolism repair, thyroid issues, etc. We will continually update this post with new sources of information as we come across them. Please bookmark this post directly as it may quickly become buried! If you have any other resources to add to this list, please leave them in a comment and I will add them ASAP.

To start things off, here are some links that were posted at LCF (and excellent reads).



Effect of a high-protein, very-low-calorie diet on...[Am J Clin Nutr. 1987] - PubMed Result

Resting metabolic rate, body composition and thyroid hormones. Short term effects of very low calorie diet.

Energy-metabolism adaptation in obese adults on a very-low-calorie diet -- Fricker et al. 53 (4): 826 -- American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


Low Carbohydrate Nutrition: Research on the Safety of Very Low Calorie Diets

Atkins Nutritionals Interview - Repairing Your Metabolism and More


Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Netrition Boycott That Wasn't

(photo found on LCF forum)

New KK PR Director and Forum Gestapo TippyToes, aka Jeannie Baitinger, is trying to organize a boycott of Netrition is an online marketplace specializing in health foods with an incredible selection of sugar-free, low-carb products. (Heck, they even offer flat rate shipping!)

LCF - the Low Carb Friends free public forum is owned by the same person that owns Netrition. (That may be news to some!)

TippyToes was recently banned from LCF after sending this threatening email to one of LCF's admins:

Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 05:01:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jeannie Baitinger
Subject: if it walk like a duck
To: melly L_Name

We know you have a part in ducky. Suggesting you pull the blog or the next thing you will see is Melly Exposed.

She did deny it at first, but in a later post, she admitted that she did indeed send that email.

Yesterday I tried to log in and I am banned although I have not posted. I am banned for sending a private email to one of the Ducky teammates. You have all probably seen it by now as posted in The Suppossed truth. I told her she needed to pull the Ducky blog or the next blog would be (her name) Exposed. I assume this is why I am banned.

As a result of being banned from LCF for threatening (blackmailing?) one of their admins, she is now calling for the low-carb community to boycott the Netrition website. Her plan seems to have backfired and many LCF forum users are placing new orders with Netrition as we type this.

Many have expressed their frustration with LCF over the heavy-handed moderation that often occurs there, TippyToes herself recently expressed her dislike of their moderation policies yet defends Heidi's banning of PAID members simply because they disagree with the Kimkins plan.
Yet, even those who post at the LCF forum that they dislike the moderators, admins and policies of that website are not banned.

Others have also expressed frustration that LCF keeps the Kimkins and Kimmer threads available on the site, giving their tacit support of the dangerous plan. All of the Kimkins / Kimmer threads have been moved to the "Other Plans" section of the board to remove them from the main menu at least, and as of right now, the "Ask Kimmer" thread and other historical threads need to be maintained for research and investigations.

I do hope that once this is all over, that LCF will consider removing any and all Kimkins / Kimmer threads from their boards completely - and I do believe that will happen, but now is not the time. Patience, friends. :)


Once Upon A Dieter said...

What Tippy is too underhanded to point out in her post is that while, sure, she was banned for a blackmail type of email (good going, LCF), there is a big difference from the Kimkins Gulag and LCF (no matter how tightly LCF may wish to moderate): Kimkins doesn't allow dissension. LCF does. Proof is that the Fascination thread lets all sorts of voices talk and debate. And that the Kimkins threads do still exist and, even as the brouhaha erupted, continued to exist and be posted in.

Kimkins, however, only allows happy, smiling Kimkins testimonies..oh, and the vicious putdowns of Melt and WonderWoman and their ilk.

Tippy should just be honest and say, "Hey, I'm here to keep you in line so I can pay to have my husband's teeth done. So, shut up and eat chicken."

The Princess

Anonymous said...

You know, I really wouldn't buy anything like that online but come to think of it, there are some things I do need so - Netrition here I come!
LCF forum has been great for ex-kk's to deal with this little drama. Very grateful for that site and the admins hard work.

theTRUTH said...

Funny. I never posted that email, and yet I get slammed by her anyway. Dingbat.

Mimi said...

awww, darn it, KD, now you've gone and written such a thoughtful, intelligent bit about Netrition and LCF, I'm gonna have to cancel my OWN plans for setting up a boycott. sigh. It was gonna have a cool blog 'n everything. I hate it when anybody manages to talk me out of a perfectly irrational point of view! :)

I still can't stand the way some of the LCF Admins/Mods are so quick with the delete key and the soulless PM's. But hey, I just can't stand the idea of agreeing with Jeannie about ANYTHING!


Kimkins Dangers said...

Heh, Mimi. How about a compromise... After Kimkins is gone (as we know it will be!), and all of the investigations and lawsuits are over (which may need the threads that are archived there), if LCF does not remove all of the Kimmer / Kimkins threads, we'll boycott together, ok? :)

Kimmerexia said...

I'm still on heavy moderation at LCF with an alternate name because they initially didn't like my choice of "Kimmerexia".

I have recently written twice to be activated as a regular participant, one by email and one by their "contact us" form.

Both requests have simply been ignored.

Regroup and Refocus

Lately, there has certainly been a carnival atmosphere to the whole Kimkins drama. So many new revelations coming to light have painted a picture of a very intriguing and dramatic tale, worthy of an ABC miniseries.

The grin / smiley fest of yesterday has upset a number of people, yet it was not meant to. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and sometimes we jump the gun, when we should be quiet, patient and still. We apologize to our readers for our "jumping of the gun" yesterday and assure you that in the future, we will not hint at happenings until we have absolute certainty that it will indeed happen.

There are many different levels to the Kimkins saga that need attention. First and foremost should always be the healing of those who have been harmed by Heidi and her so-called diet. Keep publishing your stories, keep reaching out to those still stuck in the quagmire of Kimkins and the dangerous eating-disordered thinking that accompanies those plans. Educate others about healthy weight loss, encourage others to change to a safer plan and stick with it, and inspire others by your own example.

The investigations continue, both on the forums and behind the scenes. The work that needs to be done is being done and Heidi cannot escape the reach of justice, no matter how strongly she believes that she is "judgment proof" or how vehemently she denies that she is indeed Heidi Diaz. She cannot, and will not, get away with this con. She has hurt too many, defrauded too many, lied to too many and broken too many laws. It will end and the sooner the better.

While we await that fateful day, let us focus on healing. By many accounts, there were 40,000 people that joined Kimkins. Where are they? What do they need now? Have they found new support groups? We need to collectively reach out to them and offer support without judgment.

Perhaps those that feel creative could start recovery blogs - posts with information about healthy LC diets, emotional support and the like. The public forums can have recovery threads launched and stop supporting the dangerous plan. There are many positive things that can be done now. We don't have to wait until KK is shut down - it will be shut down and there are many people right now who feel lost and adrift. Reach out to them and use all of this powerful, collected energy for the positive.

We will continue, as always, to highlight new discoveries and events here at Kimkins Dangers. This blog will exist for some time to come, as a record and warning for others who may think starving themselves is the best way to lose weight.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Heidi and SingingLass Contemplate Their Mole

theTRUTH released more private message communications between Heidi and SingingLass today, in which they are trying to find out who is getting access to all of the PMs. It's an amusing read, to be sure!

Please visit The Truth Starts Here for the complete story, below is a small excerpt.

Kimmer wrote:
Nobody has access to the PMs except you & me. Now, if an admin is posting stuff I can't figure out who that would be? Gary? No, Tarvosk? No. Tippy, Carolyn? No. Who else?

SingingLass wrote:
Then someone has hacked. The pms that are up, are the exchanges between you and i talking about people we were considering banning.....mommas3, honeybee, reesie....and there is bragging that they have more. All of this coming from whoever "thetruth" is....same person who posted our private staff board.
I swear and promise I have not leaked anything. I do think when we switch to the private board, we should use it instead of pms here though, something is going on.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Even DOCTOR WHO isn't as entertaining as this saga....

I see a book possibility here.

The Princess

Anonymous said...

oh, this is just tooo funny!!



Kimmerexia said...


Once Upon A Dieter said...

Okay, so, clearly, I will have to hold my pee for while, cause I ain't leaving the computer monitor unwatched.

Please, make my weekend!

The Princess

Kimkins Dangers said...

It's a pretty safe bet that you have time to pee.. Just don't leave the country for a few days. :)

theTRUTH said...


Kathy said...

Well, I'm not leaving the country, but I am leaving town and my computer!! Darn, good stuff always happens when I'm gone!!! :(

theTRUTH said...

Time to post new stuff. Check out my latest.

More Goodbye Letters

Daily, more and more people flee the Kimpire and post their long, but short-lived, goodbyes on the site and often reposted on the various forums. Here are some recent ones from the last 48 hours: (Edited only for readability)

I've had it with everything. There's just no more denying it. Here is my last post on Kimkins. Thank you for everyone who has contributed to getting the truth out!

Topic Line: Kimkins is the best diet ever!

Is what I would have said three months ago. You see, about three months ago, I was 42 lbs lighter, only 35 lbs away from my goal weight. I was thrilled to have finally found something that works for me.

Then one day, while at work, I almost passed out. Employees said I looked white as a ghost. I justfied the episode somehow in my mind and moved on.

About a month ago, I noticed small pains in my chest area. Sort of like little “twangs”. I can no longer ignore these pains as they are undoubtably becoming more frequent.

I cannot ignore my body any longer. I cannot ignore that nagging feeling that “something is just not quite right” with Kimmer and the Kimkins diet.

I cannot ignore the overwhelming evidence that Kimmer did not lose the weight she claims she did. I used to say “I don’t care if Kimmer is a robot, this diet works!” I tried to justify the facts. If Kimmer is telling the truth why does she not produce more before and after pics to put an end to this whole thing once and for all? Let’s think about this logically: Look at your own weight loss and what an accomplishment it is. Remember how great it feels? You’ve worked hard to accomplish something and are proud of what you did. You want people to see your before and after pics because you are proud of yourself. Yet Kimmer refuses to provide those pics? The ugly reality is she can’t produce any current pics because she does not have any. Not one.

I cannot ignore the harmful advice that she has given me and countless others to keep calories and fat as low as possible. After all, gastric bypass patients eat as low as 500 cals a day she would say. I now know that they are under strick doctor’s care and, they up their calories to normal ranges within the first 1-2 months. She would also say things such as “there is no such thing as starvation mode”. I wanted to believe it, too. It’s not true.

I cannot ignore the health issues that other people are having on this diet. You could hear Christin (WW cover girl) in her own words here: The Journey. As you listen, truly ask yourself what could possibly be her motivation for saying what she says. Money? She lost money by leaving Kimkins. Fame? She already had it due to her being on the cover of WW. Take a listen and let me know what you think is truly motivating her to say what she is saying.

I cannot ignore the current Kimkins admins and members who praise Kimmer and the diet. It’s sickening. It’s sickening not only because they are deceived but it’s sickening because those same people will most likely be writing something very similar to this once they too realize how deceptive Kimmer is and how dangerous the diet truly is. The very ones who lose the weight quickly will most likely have the same symptoms that are being reported by tons of other people.

I cannot ignore my own emotions and feelings about the entire ordeal. Who would have known, though?? Kimmer gave me something that nobody else had ever given me: HOPE. Hope that I could do lose the weight and keep it off. Kimmer gave me hope that this is a WOE that I could follow the rest of my life. Kimmer gave me hope that I could be thin again. She gave me hope that I could be finally freed of my addiction to eating. But guess what? It was a false hope because she never lost the weight. It was a lie. And now I’m left praying that the symptoms I’m experiencing will go away once I renoursh my body.

My sincere prayer is that what I’ve written will reach at least one person. I beg you now: If you too have been having that “gut” feeling, you know which one I’m talking about, please do your research. [Edited Url] Do not be afraid to get off of the plan is a wonderful tool. Pray for wisdom. HE will provide it to those who ask. Let my last words on this forum ring in your ears:

This is a DANGEROUS diet and Kimmer is lying to you.

And another: (This one from LCF)

Hello again. It's been a short while since I've posted here. Last time here, I was very pro-Kimkins. And I was angry at what I was reading here. I asked to be removed from this forum, and they kindly "unregistered" me.

Long story short...I've changed my tune, come to my senses, smartened up....
When I saw those PI pix, I just knew in my heart, it was HER. That was tough for me to swallow. But I told myself it was okay, I can still use the plan cause it works for me.

I continued to lurk here and other places, and it all finally started to sink in. I can't explain it, why I couldn't accept the truth. I kept trying to "make it work" in my head. I finally admitted to my dh that my hair is falling out, and has been for about 6 months. So far, that is the only side effect I have experienced. I emailed Christin, and she is such a beautiful and caring person, and it all fell into place.

I got in touch with a couple of other ex-kimkinites. And it really is a difficult process to remove yourself from the mindset. It all finally came crashing down the other night at the Kimkins site when Wonderwoman started spouting off. I was there, watching it happen. And again, another lightbulb moment...I knew that it was HER. I was typing my response when the screen went blank, and the whole thread was deleted.

I wanted so badly to chat with someone, I was livid! And of course I had burned my bridge here. I have since repented and the admins here kindly reinstated my priveleges. So here I am. I am not very outspoken. But I apologize for being so hard-headed, and thinking so badly of everyone here. You have done an awesome job of getting the word out that KK is not a healthy diet. And SHE is just beyond words! I felt sorry for her at first, but no more. This has got to STOP.

Anyway, thanks for listening. And again, I'm sorry for being so judgemental of everyone here. You were right...all along. I'm just glad that I finally came to my senses.


K said...

Too bad she left the website link to the porn site! LOL
Great post though.

Kimkins Dangers said...

ACK! Thanks for pointing that out, lol. I've changed the url here, but hopefully the other forums and boards where it is posted will do the same.

Kimkin Sex Posed.. oy, lol.

NO KIMKINS said...

LMAO I went to that site by accident too when I was trying to tell someone about kimkinsexposed on WORDPRESS lol, kimkins porn is something none of us want to see!

But back to the topic at hand, thanks for posting this.

Heidi Uses Another Alias To Insult People

Hogsfan, a (now ex) Kimkins member left the Kimpound the other night with a glorious exit - posting links to Christin's video blog entry nearly 50 times before being banned! We sincerely hope that many were able to see the message, both on the site and in email subscriptions to forum threads. More information about Hogsfan's post can be read at theTRUTH's blog HERE.

Also found this morning at The TRUTH Starts Here is a copy of an email sent to Hogsfan after the fact from another Heidi / Kimmer alias.

Hogsfan, the member who caused a stir with their 57 posts linking to Christin's blog and challenge for others to try to top it has shared with us an email they received shortly after:

From: Vanessa Beauchamp []
Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 11:27 PM
Subject: Christin

How dumb can you be? Did you miss Christin's post where her doctor gave her raving reviews of her blood work and said her diet was great? Moron.

So, to everyone in the Duck brigade, add the name Vanessa Beauchamp to the long list of aliases!

Does she really, honestly think that anyone is fooled? Well, anyone aside from SingingAss and tarvos{K}, that is.

We're not fooled, Heidi.

And very soon, VERY soon, no one else will be either.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kimkins' Death Throes

It is quite an astonishing thing to witness the fall of an empire, even if that empire is merely one small internet website run by a megalomaniac-slash-pathological liar.

Kimkins is nearing its final days, as is evidenced by the recent rash of reckless behavior. Kimmer / Heidi goes on a bender and posts as WonderWoman, TippyToes commits a federal crime and emails threats to an admin at LCF, SingingLass is blissfully unaware and happy to continue her mole-ish efforts to remain in Kimmer's good graces. tarvos{K} lashes out with power and dominance to control the last (3?) Kimkins members.

Meanwhile, a preponderance of new anti-Kimkins blogs have appeared, each with their own story, their own take on the controversy, their own angle, but all with the same message - Kimkins Needs To Be Shut Down!

The Kimkins forums are a virtual ghost town. Only a few new members poke around, trying to find where the promised fantastic, loving support group is while the fascist dictator admins quell the rebellion.

Old members share as much information as they can, leaving in a blaze of glory with 50 posts all linking to Christin's new video blog entry, which highlights her current health issues related to Kimmer's diet-o'-insanity.

Let us pause here for a moment. Christin, if you read this, we pray for you and keep you in our thoughts. We sincerely hope that the Kimkins diet did not cause any lasting damage and that you will arise from this debacle unscathed and stronger than before.

Let us not forget for one moment that Christin followed the plan AS WRITTEN by Heidi. The diet is not safe, in any form. Don't learn that lesson the hard way!

Each new day brings more information to light. More members fleeing the sanctity of the Kimpire. More pathetic attempts by Heidi to spin the latest revelation. More psychotic postings by Heidi and her admins. More displays of desperation and fear. WonderWoman's drunken rant was almost comical, had it not been so sad. What will today bring?

Will it bring new information about Heidi and her past? Will it bring more stories of innocent people harmed and driven to emergency rooms across the country with health scares from malnutrition? Will it bring federal investigators to her door? Will it bring a court order to LiquidWeb to shut down the site? Will it bring police officers to her apartment, handcuffs at the ready? Perhaps, perhaps not, but if not today, then soon.

Ahh, the end draws nigh. Can you feel it? Can you hear it?


That sound..



Mimi said...

KDangers, all I can say is WOW. Excellent, well-written and totally on-target summary of the last days of the evil Kimpire.

As I commented on Ducky's blog, I know it sounds corny but I'm really proud to know you people.

theTRUTH said...

Well crafted post. You have my utmost admiration.

Thanks to Kimkins Circus for this info:

Fraud Report Site

Very, almost TOO, perfectly, I found a website where you can report diet scams. It is called, and has a duck with a magnifying glass as a logo.

It has a fraud report page here.

Information needed is:-

To Report an Online Fraud or Suspected Fraud

Send us the URL
  • Add any additional information you have about the company.
  • If you have special knowledge to share with a reporter or regulatory official, please indicate that and include complete contact information.

To Report a Personal Experience

  • Include your name, age, address, work and home telephone numbers.
  • Provide a detailed account of what happened to you that includes:
    • Dates or approximate dates that the events occurred
    • Name and location of perpetrator
    • Pertinent health history, including problem for which you sought help
  • What would you like us to do with the information?
    • Post your story to one of our sites. That usually requires inclusion of your name.
    • Forward your story to a regulatory agency
    • Try to help you recover money
    • Help you file a lawsuit
    • Give your name to a reporter who might want to interview you

There is a link at the bottom of that page - Fighting Quackery: Tips for Activists which also looks useful.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jeanessa Explains Justice To Heidi Diaz

This was posted by Kimmer / Heidi Diaz at the Kimkins website:

"My former business partner, Catherine MacDonald, took backup copies of all data before she left a year ago, which sounds like theft to me.

It's my understanding she has posted in her blog (or her husband's) that she would make the names/Paypal email addresses of members during her partnership available to anyone, any attorney. She is mad she was not a partner when the magazine cover came out. She was a partner from April-September 2006.

Sweet, huh? Again I ask -- raise your hand if you want to be business partners with Catherine. And she wonders why I didn't trust her?

Her website is Simply Brilliant Solutions Ltd. - Web Design and Development for Your Small Business. - Home (not really LOL) and her email is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if anyone would like to share their opinion of her broadcasting their Paypal email address to the public.

Jeanessa is a banned Kimkins member who is very busy wreaking her revenge."

Jeanessa, named in the post, replied as follows, trying to teach Heidi the difference between revenge and justice:

Heidi, I see how you could get confused about my actions.

However, let me point something out to you.

Revenge is defined as:

1. to exact punishment or expiation for a wrong on behalf of, esp. in a resentful or vindictive spirit: He revenged his murdered brother.
2. to take vengeance for; inflict punishment for; avenge: He revenged his brother's murder.

Justice is defined as:

1. the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness: to uphold the justice of a cause.
2. rightfulness or lawfulness, as of a claim or title; justness of ground or reason: to complain with justice.
3. the moral principle determining just conduct.
4. conformity to this principle, as manifested in conduct; just conduct, dealing, or treatment.
5. the administering of deserved punishment or reward.
6. the maintenance or administration of what is just by law, as by judicial or other proceedings: a court of justice.
7. judgment of persons or causes by judicial process: to administer justice in a community.
8. a judicial officer; a judge or magistrate.

I am not 'very busy' taking revenge out on you.

I am 'very busy' seeking justice for myself and everyone else who was scammed by you.

Way to go Jeanessa!

Christin's Video Message

Christin posted a very poignant message on her blog, in video format! Please go HERE and see it. Take her message to heart. Stop the Kimkins diet!

BBB Summarizes Complaints

Ducky at Kimkins Exposed wrote today that the BBB has posted a "Complaint Summary" for the Kimkins listing at the BBB website! Great! Check out the article here!

While looking over the BBB post, we also found this disclaimer written by the BBB under the Kimkins listing:

This company offers an on line diet program which is advertised as the only fast weight loss diet that does not use supplements, or require excercise. The cost of the plan is $59.95 for a lifetime membership which entitles the buyer to Kimkins diet food lists, sample menus , recipe library, support forums, an online personal journal, and direct access to Kimmer, the diet's founder. The company also offers an affiliate program which pays dieters to recruit new members into the plan. Affiliates are compensated with a free membership, or by earning 25% commission on new member recruits which amounts to $14.99 per new person.

The BBB routinely advises consulting your doctor before starting any weight-loss regimen or ingesting diet pills or supplements. Many diet promoters make claims concerning the safety or effectiveness of the products they promote that appear to be based on science or medical studies. In most cases, claims made in weight loss ads are actually exploitations of popular misconceptions about your health, cleverly used to maximize profits for the promoter.

A healthy dose of skepticism and a little investigating can help you avoid wasting money or jeopardizing your health on fad diets, or fad diet products. To avoid losing money on unproven remedies, watch out for promises of "quick and painless" results. Other marketing strategies routinely used by fraudulent promoters might be claims of "scientific breakthroughs," "special," "secret" or "ancient" formulas available only for a short time, and only from one supplier. Be skeptical of testimonials reporting incredible weight loss results from "satisfied users," especially if no substantive medical support for the claim is offered.


Kimmerexia said...

And now Kimkins has been downgraded once again to a "D" rating that comes with a clear warning against doing business!

Anonymous said...


Let me first comment, how great your blog is. I found it while I was looking on the internet for consumer product complaints. During my search I have also found excellent and funny site about product complaints.

Check them out. You will like them.


Update from Atkins Nutritionals

We contacted Atkins Nutritionals, Inc, with the information about the new Kimkins plan and it's promotion of the Atkins diet within the Kimkins website.

Here is their response:

Thank you for the information.

Kimkins is NOT a program endorsed by Atkins and we are in the process of investigating this matter further. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

If you have questions regarding Atkins' products, please feel free to e-mail us again, or contact our Atkins Advantage Agents by phone at 1-800-6-ATKINS Monday to Friday from 8AM to 5PM EST. If you would like to place an order, our Ordering Department is available 8:00 am -8:00 pm EST Monday - Friday and on line at click on Shop the Atkins Store for your convenience. If you are calling from outside the U.S. and Canada, please reach us at 1-888-528-5427.

Questions about the Atkins Nutrition Principles can be answered by nutrition experts in the Live Discussion section on our website.

Atkins Advantage Consumer Affairs

Call the Police

Heidi K. Diaz, aka Kimmer, has broken the law. A class-action lawsuit is underway. The FTC, IRS, FBI, State of California Atty. General's Office, Office of the Governor of California, Social Security Disability Fraud Department and other official agencies have been notified. Now it's time to call the police.

Heidi K. Diaz has broken the law. She has collected donations for foster children - whether they existed or not at the time, she broke the law. If they existed, she broke the law by soliciting and accepting donations on their behalf. If they did not exist, she broke the law by soliciting and accepting donations via USPS mail service, which is fraud.

Heidi K. Diaz is running a million dollar company from her apartment, without proper authority from her landlord while collecting social security disability. That is against the law (on several counts).

Heidi K. Diaz has used the identities of several individuals without their permission -including Vanessa Romero and Dennis Sharp and Brandon Diaz (he said in his own words that he wasn't sure who listed him as the registrant for the website).

Heidi K. Diaz has collected funds over the internet for a service and then banned people from accessing that service without cause. (Disagreeing with Heidi / Kimmer is NOT legal cause for banning someone from a website).

Heidi K. Diaz has in the past, and continues to make medical claims and offers medical advice online without proper licensing.

Heidi K. Diaz has not reported her income from Kimkins to the courts overseeing the lawsuit with The Education Resources Institute (TERI).

Heidi K. Diaz never registered as a business, D.B.A., or LLC in the State of California, according to all available sources.

Heidi K. Diaz solicits funds over the internet based on fraudulent claims of weight loss and faked images.

It is NOT legal to pretend to be something or someone online and accept money based on those claims.

Heidi K. Diaz has broken the law. Many laws. It's time to report her now and end this before someone dies.

Here is the contact information for the Corona, California Police Department.

E-mail & Phone Contact Information

Emergency: 911 Emergency: (951) 736-2333
Non-Emergency: (951) 736-2334

Investigations: (951) 736-2337 Traffic: (951) 736-2355
Fax: (951) 279-3632 Fax: (951) 279-3599

Patrol: (951) 736-2330 Records: (951) 736-2330
Fax: (951) 279-3576 Fax: (951) 279-3579

Crime Prevention: (951) 736-2343 Youth Diversion: (951) 279-3544
Fax: (951) 279-3658 Fax: (951) 279-3599

Volunteers (951) 279-3549

E-mail Directory:

Corona Police Department Command Staff
Richard O. Gonzales, Chief of Police
Raymond Cota, Investigative Division
Michael Abel, Field Services Division
Richard Madory, Support Services Division

Patrol Division Zone Commanders
James Patton, (Zone 1)
Jerry Rodriguez, (Zone 2)
Kelly Anderson, (Zone 3)
Tom Weeks, (Zone 4)
Mike Tripet, (Zone 5)

Traffic/Special Enforcement Bureau
Brent Coleman, Lieutenant
Sue Blaize, Sergeant
John Marshall, Sergeant

Press Information Officer
Jerry Pawluczenko, Sergeant

Investigations Bureau
Mark Johnson, Lieutenant
Fred Austin, Sergeant
Alex Marmolejo, Sergeant
Scott Musgraves, Sergeant
Randy Wambold, Sergeant
Karen Alexander, Crime Analyst

Personnel and Training Bureaus (Employment Questions)
Gary Lewis, Lieutenant - Support Services Division
Adam Roulston, Personnel Sergeant
Todd Gottfried, Corporal - Background Investigator
Jeff Hubert, Officer - Background Investigator
Tom Raasveld, Training Sergeant
Bill Newman, Personnel and Training Technician
Daniel Avila, Training Officer

Community Relations
Michell Skipworth, Crime Prevention Specialist
Jacqueline Madory, Crime Prevention Specialist
Jerilyn Medina, Volunteer Coordinator
Denise Lomprey, Mentor Coordinator

Records Section
Julie Cable, Records Supervisor
Lisa Lorton, Records Supervisor


Mimi said...

KDangers -- THANK YOU!!!! This is excellent info and so totally on target!

TRUTH and the LAW are Heidi's worst enemies.

Laura said...


Consumer Protection Agencies

In an effort to help consumers protect themselves against fraudulent weight loss products or services, mislabeling, misbranding and/or misleading advertisements, we have set up this page to provide information about what agency to contact to report complaints.

If you have a complaint about a weight loss product or service, contact one of the following agencies:

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
The FTC oversees the advertising and marketing of foods, non-prescription drugs, cosmetics, health care services and medical devices exchanged between states.

If you have a complaint, file a Consumer Complaint Form at the FTC's website: Or call 1-877-FTC-HELP.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
The FDA oversees the content and labeling of foods, drugs, medical devices and cosmetics. If you find a website you think is illegally selling drugs, medical devices, foods, dietary supplements or cosmetics on the Internet, complete a form at the FDA's website: at the link — Reporting Unlawful Sales of Medical Products on the Internet.

If you have experienced an illness or injury with a dietary supplement marketed as a weight loss product, or have a general complaint or concern about food products, take the following steps:

Contact MedWatch, the FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program
by calling their hotline at 1-800-FDA-1088
by internet:
by mail:
Food and Drug Administration
5600 Fishers Lane
Rockville, MD 20857

The FDA wants to know when a product causes a problem — even if you are unsure which product caused the problem, and even if you do not visit a doctor or clinic. When you report your adverse event or concern, be sure to have the following information handy: the name, address and telephone number of the person who became ill; the name, address and doctor or hospital who treated the person ill; the problem and the name of the product and store where the product was purchased. In addition, you should also report the problem to the manufacturer and/or distributor listed on the product label and the store where the product was purchased.

U.S. Postal Service (USPS)
Postal inspectors investigate crimes, such as fraudulent marketing promotions, that use the U.S. Mail. A crime is considered mail fraud if it originates in the mail, by telephone or on the Internet and is carried out in the U.S. Mail. The United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) handles complaints of fraud. If you think you are a victim of weight loss fraud by mail, submit a Mail Fraud Complaint Form to the USPIS online at or file a complaint at your local post office.

Attorneys General
Each state has an Attorney General that serves as a representative of the public interest in addition to providing legal protection to the state's government agencies and legislatures. You can find your state Attorney General?s office information online at

Better Business Bureau (BBB)
The BBB is a self-regulated organization supported by businesses to provide reports to consumers about companies. The BBB works with law enforcement agencies to stop fraud. You can check on a company, find tips on preventing fraud and file a complaint at the BBB's website:

Deni Responds To WonderWoman

Deni responded to a bit of the WonderWoman insanity. We repost her response here with permission.

The identity of "wonderwoman" has not been confirmed yet, though we are working on it.

Original post by WonderWoman:

Wonder Woman (User)


Posts: 3

All I want to know if where the f#%~ did everyone's brain go to? This Deni person is now dying or close to it? Since when? Check out that bleeding heart blog. Or is it still here before she cleansed her soul by deleting important posts? Didn't she say at some point that she stopped doing Kimkins to lose the rest of her weight? Isn't her #$^$ picture on Kimkins advertising? Gee, maybe she got paid? May she's having second thoughts? Maybe she wants to create a huge pot of sh#~ so Kimmer will take the pictures down? It seems she doesn't have a job and wants to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon along with her BFFL Christin. Hell, their health trashed from Kimkins so let's collect some big bucks!

Deni's Response -

I don't know why I feel the need to do this but... just in case this person actually reads this thread.... let me enlighten you to the truth.

dying or close to it???? I NEVER SAID THAT!!! Perhaps you need help actually reading.
bleeding heart blog??? I don't see that interpretation??? MY blog is not even close to that!!! I speak from the heart, about my issues... I am not a sensationalist at all...
deleting important posts?? What???? If any of my posts were deleted... SOMEONE else deleted them!!! Hmmmm I wonder who????
stopped Kimkins at 142 lbs... today I'm 148... and doing Atkins... but didn't start Atkins till about a week ago... don't know where you got this theory from???
My picture... well.. Kimmer decided to leave it there.. NOT ME!! I wish she'd take it down!!! But I know that legally.. I signed a copyright to Heidi Diaz... so I can't even ask her to take it down. And yes.. she paid me $200 to cover expenses of getting the picture taken, and asked me not to tell anyone that b/c she didn't want any of the other "success stories" to ask for money. But.. I DID NOT ASK for the money.

doesn't have a job?? ummm , yes I do.. I own my own business.. not that it's any of YOUR business.

lawsuit bandwagon- umm.. I didn't even want to join the lawsuit, but I did join because the Lawyer said the more people we have, the quicker we can get her shut down. So, while I don't care about the $40 membership fee I paid... I do care that she gets stopped as soon as possible.

my BFFL Christin- well, yes.. she is now my best friend... she is a wonderful sweet HONEST person, and I'm proud to stand by her with the truth as our bond. How dare you take her health situation lightly... IF it is related to Kimkins... I can only pray that Kimkins is shut down because of it. Neither Christin or I care about the money.. we care about the people who are being caught in the snares of hatred and sickness MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY over at Kimkins!!!

so wonderwoman... not that we have to really wonder who you are... any more stupid accusations you like to spew???


Anonymous said...

that arrogant post had to come from no one other that the mighty
did i miss anyone? Only she could ramble partial truths off like that!

i speak on behalf of all the "mentally-ill" people that were banned from the lifelong membership from her "KIMKINS DIE SITE"

Don't waste your valuable time on this- Remember:

take back your power Deni, and so should anyone else that has had the misfortune of being duped by her!

Prayers to Christin xoxo

signed, JenniferBilling381 (that was my screen name at KIMKINS until she killed me)

now known as JAYBEE on the forums ( i wont tell you which one, MOST HIGH KIMMER-HEIDI-KIMBERLEY-DRAKE-DIAZ (DID I FORGET ANYONE) you will have to come find me, or send your mignons to do i am still awaiting my refund!!!!!!

Kimkins Dangers said...

"you will have to come find me, or send your mignons to do it"

I'm not picking at you, but that has to be one of the funniest typos I have seen in a long time! Mignons! I can picture a fleet of little steaks on legs chasing around the web, HAH!

Minions, I'm sure, is the word that was meant there. :)

S said...

Could be a typo - or the most obscure humor I've seen in it..

Because Mignon would be on Atkins, whom Kimmer called Fatkins until she needed it (them) to save her sorry behind.

Kimmer / Heidi Diaz / Kimkins Really Selling Atkins?

Imagine being charged $60 to join a weight loss diet plan that is the FASTEST diet ever and ultimately finding out they're re-selling Atkins? I don't think the members nor Atkins Nutritionals would find this very funny. Report this to Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. here.

Below are posts from the Kimkins website wherein a new member asks a question and is told to go read about Atkins - NOT Kimkins as Kimkins has no medical evidence to back up its claims nor any credible information to support the advice being given on the site.

Hi All trying to catch up but this was just sent to me by email. It was posted in the cafe. The question was posted one and a half hours ago by a new person (1st post)

Responses were about 1/2 hour ago. Amazing turn in philosophy. At least we know if she follows Atkins she won't starve.

I just came back from a nutrition class at Kaiser Hosp. and was told that a woman needs at least 100 g./carbs per day to maintain a healthy brain function. I was also told that low carb diets cause the body to breakdown slowly. I'm new at Kimkins, so can anyone help me with this? I asked if we could get all the carbs we need from veggies and was told that the those carbs leave the body quickly, and that carbs found in whole wheat bread and other starches are the ones that stick in the body longer and help with brain and body functions. ??????????

Response #1

Have you read any of Dr. Atkins books?? He is so great at explaining everything! I couldn't do him justice if I tried LOL! I personally feel better having less carbs and feel much clearer mentally once I get over the sugar withdrawl.

Response #2

Gosh, that just flies in the face of everything I've read lately about low carbing.

I just read Atkins not long ago for the first time. Dr. Barry Groves and Protein Power are all good resources, and they all say that very few carbs are actually needed by the body. Research has shown that fat (yep, no kidding) is the preferred energy source for the heart. Even on maintenance, many people do just fine for years on 60-70 carbs per day. Low carb really can be a way of life.

I'm just learning about the carb ladder, which means after you're done losing your weight, to get to a personal maintenance carb level, you can add back 10 carbs per week (something like that) until you gain a bit. Adjust it back to where you are maintaining, and that is supposed to be the optimum carb level for your body and lifestyle. I may not have explained it well, but I think that's close.

Whoever told you that about starches must hang out in the Dean Ornish camp

I know it's all confusing at first (shoot when I first started Kimkins, I knew nothing about low carb WOE) but you might want to get a copy of at least Atkins and start there.

Another Farewell To Kimkins Post

Kelly posted this at LCF - reposting here for posterity!

My dear friends,

This is Farewell for me…………I will not be posting on the kimkins website anymore. I cannot in good conscience belong to this site anymore. I have been reading other websites although I have NEVER posted on another site, nor given communications from this site to ANYONE. I am not a mole. And how sad it is that I feel I have to say that! I have just become increasingly disillusioned with kimkins……..and it has affected my weight loss, so I feel I need to end this chapter and start anew, on more of an atkins diet.

Having read whats out there, I am 99.99% positive that those pictures of the extremely overweight woman are of Kimmer. Kimmer IS Heidi Diaz, and its laughable to claim they are 2 different people. Many of you say you do not care how heavy Kimmer is. But I ask you this: do you care that you’ve been lied to? Do you care that she is dishonest? How can you trust anything she says, after this? I have many health concerns about this diet. Kimmer says there is not a “starvation mode”, that people’s metabolisms will NOT be shot after following an extreme low-calorie diet. Many other people say otherwise. AND SINCE KIMMER IS SO OBESE, I WORRY THAT SHE SHOT HER OWN METABOLISM AND WAS UNABLE TO KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF. For those of you staying on kimkins, since I care so much for you, please, please, be pro-active in your own healthcare. Do not trust Kimmer. Do not trust your own doctor, who probably never in his/her life took a medical course on safe weight loss. Read, read, read. And make your own decisions. Gall bladder. I PM’ed Kimmer early on and asked her about gall bladders…….she told me “low-fat doesn’t cause gall bladder problems.”…….umm, that’s not what I’ve been reading elsewhere. I can’t trust anything she says now. Thyroid problems from a very low-cal diet? Those are permanent. Hair loss? WHY IS KIMMER BALD?? I would like to know the answer to that question, and yes I think it is relevant. Kimkins dieting causing eating disorders? I ask all of you to watch yourselves and make sure that you are not being overly obsessive about what you eat. “How low can you go.” That is NOT healthy!!!!

People are being “banned” left and right for seemingly minor infractions………posts are being rapidly deleted and journals are being “sanitized.” This is not what I signed up for.

XXXXX, the last straw for me is that “WWWWW” HAS BEEN BANNED! Can you believe that?? She posted an almost-suicidal, despairing note, XXXXX and others wrote her back full of love and support, and SHE WAS BANNED. That broke my heart…….how cruel and selfish are these people!! She doesn’t know why she was banned. Is the thread even still there? I can’t remember where it was.

This post will probably be deleted soon……..I will email this post to all of you whom I have email addresses for…..I do not want you to think I just disappeared one day without a trace…..then, I will not bother you again. To all my dear, dear, dear friends: Good Luck on your weight loss journeys. I KNOW we will all reach goal. Take care of yourselves, and above all, stay healthy. This is not a race. Maybe some day, after I’ve had some time off from these message boards, I will see some of you over at YYYY forums or ZZZZ forums……….
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimkins Members Continue To Flee

The latest - posting it here as we are sure it will disappear from the Kimkins forum. Name withheld.

"This may not be very popular right now but I didn't just want to disappear without explanation or warning. If you're not interested in the why then don't read any further. I can no longer give validation or credibility to a place that now engages and encourages in the exact same behaviors that they once derided others for. Encouraging the flaming of others and the banning of members and editing & deleting of posts.... I have a problem with all of these things and they're happening here. It's not just people coming here to cause trouble that are being banned and edited either. I, personally feel that everyone here should be concerned about censorship.

I saw the thread where GlamGirl was flamed before she was banned and her posts deleted. Her posts did not deserve the response she got. What she said may have bothered some but she put it in the proper thread and I thought she was just adding her own point of view. She was treated absolutely horribly. An Admin even joined in. That just made it worse. It was like it was now ok to be rude to someone who doesn't totally agree with you. It was like the car accident you just can't look away from. What the heck happened to people here? There was just so much nastiness being spewed but OUR members.

This forum is suffering an overuse of the ban button these days. Editing and deleting posts is also going on way, way too much. A member had asked for help on what I can't recall but I remember the reply because I was interested in the answer. The member who's answer I was interested in posted a link with more info on "refeeding". The link did go to a specific post on a thread in the LCF forum. I followed the link and wound up reading the whole thread. The info was very helpful and there was no anti-Kimkins sentiment or bashing on there. It was banned simply because it was a link to LCF and a group there is the reason for a lot of the trouble now, so deleting anything with a link to their forum should be perfectly understandable. What!? I DON'T THINK SO! Read the new TOS. Do you all realize that we're not supposed to put links in our posts anymore. There are a lot of websites that want you to link to their page and NOT cut & paste. So, what, we here just miss out on info because it might come from a site that an Admin doesn't like?

I didn't read about this happening to somebody on some other site. I *saw* it happen... here. Both thing happened very close to each other and there have been a whole bunch of red flags, large & small. "Controversy" aside. This is more than enough for me.

I wish all of you the best in life and your continued success with losing weight. I don't want to leave you all but I just can't ignore what is going on elsewhere on this very site and only post here. Our safe haven *is* controlled by someone else. Some of you have my e-mail if you wish to use it to keep in touch or perhaps you may find me over at Jimmy Moore's forum. I truly hope that I have not offended anyone. I am not giving up, just moving...."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kimkins Members Meltdowns

Update! Photograph of "WonderWoman" posted on LCF

Some very interesting and quite disturbing posts from inside the Kimpound tonight.. Some of them are from brand new "members" who are possibly Kimmer in disguise or perhaps recruited / hired posters, who knows! What these posts reflect is that there is a distinct air of panic, paranoia and perhaps intoxication within the Kimkins website. Some, if not all of these posts are by a new "member" named WonderWoman. On top of the recent threatening emails and PMs that have been released, we wonder if Heidi has realized Kimkins' days are numbered.

Read on.

Exhibit A:
All I want to know if where the f#%@ did everyone's brain go to? This Deni person is now dying or close to it? Since when? Check out that bleeding heart blog. Or is it still here before she cleansed her soul by deleting important posts? Didn't she say at some point that she stopped doing Kimkins to lose the rest of her weight? Isn't her #$^$ picture on Kimkins advertising? Gee, maybe she got paid? May she's having second thoughts? Maybe she wants to create a huge pot of sh#@ so Kimmer will take the pictures down? It seems she doesn't have a job and wants to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon along with her BFFL Christin. Hell, their health trashed from Kimkins so let's collect some big bucks!

Jimmy Moore. I say we collect $100,000 and see how fast he turns his blog opinion to whatever that $100,000 tells him to say. Heck wait, isn't he dying too from losing 40 pounds in 4 weeks on K/E? Guess not. Not until his Kimkins checks clear.

If there is anybody with a half brain or took a critical thinking class at any point in time, this would be the time to drag your brain out.

Who's OP? Are you at goal? Anywhere near goal? When did these life threatening conditions occur that you talk about? Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick.

Exhibit B:
"When is this end-all-beat-all-we're-all-going-to-die-tonight-and-Kimmer-will-be-homeless-until-prison lawsuit supposed to happen? Shouldn't the website be shut down by now? Sermons, summons, subpoenas, records confiscarted?

Isn't that what brainless numb skulls are thinking and scared to death about?"

Exhibit C:
Kimmer said her original partner copied the email address database when she left like 10 months ago. Sweet huh? Seems anybody who was an original member is getting a special email. What a xxxx. That honey of a "partner" gave the list to anybody who asked. Wanna see Catherine? See any #$%@* in Blacks.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

Panic in the bunker. Oh, yeah.

The empire is crumbling and the Queen is having a hissy fit.

Short may she reign.

The Princess

Anonymous said...

you are going down hard Kimmer

Justin Kimmerfake said...

That was just plain bizarre - a meltdown of trainwreck proportions. I don't think anyone could sustain this level of emotion - assuming it's real - without requiring psychiatric admission. Soon. Like *Amy Winehouse rehab* soon.

Losing Jusme said...

oh no! if 'kimmer' resigns, will heidi have to do work now ?? ;)

Anonymous said...

That sounds alot like that poster with the name MELT. Maybe Kimmer is posting as Melt and this person. Interesting......

Another New Blog

Ex-kimkins dieter Kendra has started a new blog about her experiences with Kimkins. We wish her all the best and ask our readers to visit her blog HERE and read her story.

Here is an excerpt from the latest post:

But I must say it bothered me when I read a lot of the advice given. I started following th plan and when I asked a question, most of the time it was someone ether than kimmer answering. Fine I could live with that. These people seemed to know what they were doing. I took everything at face value and yes I did drop pounds and at a rapid speed. But I was having side effects. If I were to ask about them, I was told This is normal... you are loosing so well, don't worry about the small things, everything will correct itself and you will be so much healthier skinny then when you were obese. I played this diet game for a little over 5 months and I have to say yes I lost a lot of weight, but I was not feeling at all healthy, fit or attractive. I had no energy, my hair was falling out and my Husband pretty much had to force me to eat and then I would feel the guilt after I ate.

Repost - Prayer Request

Please read below and add Christin to your prayers.

From Kimkins Exposed:

A somber reminder of why we continue to bring the truth to light about Kimkins.

Yesterday Christin was taken to the hospital for chest pains coupled with severe stomach pains. She underwent a battery of testing and was under observation until released in the early hours this moring with a referral to a cardiologist.

Prayers went out yesterday throughout the low carb community and continue today, asking she be kept safe throughout this medical emergency, which may in fact be an after effect of the Kimkins diet. Today she is home, resting and taking care of herself.

In Becky’s words, her prayer for Christin was simply,

Oh, dear merciful God in Heaven - have mercy!Show favor to your child Christin, and make her fully well and whole.

Give peace and faith to her, Brian, and all who love her.

We trust your love and power. Thank you for your great kindness.

We here at Kimkins Exposed ask you to keep Christin in your throughts and prayers.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Update from Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.

Found on the ALC Kimmer thread:

I got a letter back from Atkins Nutrtionals about the new "plan"

They said this

"Thank you for your inquiry. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, Kimkins is not affiliated with Atkins. We are aware of the situation and have begun the process of rectifying the problem."

If you would like to share any information with Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., about possible copyright violations or other problems with the Kimkins plan, please contact them HERE.

Kimkins Affiliates - Protect Your SSN!

Several family members of Heidi Diaz (Kimmer) have claimed that Heidi has been known to use other people's social security numbers. This is very troubling (and of course, incredibly illegal) but there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

If you are now, or ever have been, an affiliate of or have for any other reason provided your social security number to Kimmer / Heidi Diaz or any other "employee" of, please be aware that you may be at risk.

Most banks offer a credit reporting feature, where any attempt to secure credit using your SSN is reported to you immediately. This will allow you to spot any fraudulent use of your information before any damage is done!

Please call your bank or credit agency today!


Doggygirl said...

Oh man. I didn't even think about the SSN's that affiliates have probably provided. YIKES. I had issues several years ago that cause me continued concern over my SSN. People who have reason to be concerned might want to consider signing up for something like Equifax Credit Watch, or other similar programs for sure. Just seconding the motion.

Mean time, please visit my new blog at and make your nomination for who in the Kimscam should NEXT go to the Dog House. (the Dog House Meal Plan is outlined on my blog)


Deni said...

I only gave the last 4 of mine in the affiliate panel b/c she said that was all she needed.
does anyone know if that protects me at all?

Kimkins Dangers said...

If she only has the last 4 digits you should be fine! Wouldn't hurt to double check with your bank about the credit reporting service, most banks offer it free, but you're probably safe! :)

K said...

Bank services are faulty as the reports you see are incomplete.
VERY incomplete.

Having your name and address is all she needs to steal your identity.
I don't need any of your SS# to pull your credit reports and once I pull them, I'll have your whole SS#.

If I was one of the people who are at risk, I would FREEZE all 3, Experian, Equifax and Tran Union.

At the very least, Opt Out and then put a Fraud Alert on all 3.
The fraud can be potential, it doesn't have to have happened yet.

Please, please protect your credit as it takes years and usually court to clean up messes that someone else has made in your name.

Years, as in 1996 until now and still not done.

Kimkins Dangers said...

Thanks for that important info!