Sunday, August 12, 2007

Petition to Investigate Kimkins

Someone, not I, created an online petition to collect signatures with the intent of having the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau and the California Attorney General investigate the Kimkins business.

With the fraudulent claims and consistent untruths leveled by the mysterious "Kimmer" coupled with the proven falsification of before and after stories / pictures, and the wealth of information that clearly shows the dangers of this diet, I believe there is a strong case for an investigation.

The link to sign the petition is here:

Petition FTC, BBB and CA Atty. General to Investigate Kimkins

You can keep your email address private, so there is no worry of retribution from the Kimkins camp over your signature.


brenda said...

Why don't you all mind your own business? If you don't like the diet nobody is holding a gun to your head making you eat Kimkins way. Why are you hell bent on trying to destroy this woman? I think it is jealousy. She is very successful and there are hundreds on her website who are thrilled to finally find a diet that works well and fast. Why don't you find something more positive to do or work on? You will never take Kimkins down. There are too many people happy and supporting her. You're wasting your time.

Kimkins Dangers said...

First of all, there is no "you all" here. There is me and my co-author. Don't make mass assumptions as you feel other are doing to Kimkins members.

I'm not trying to destroy "that woman" at all. I'd like to see some accountability and proof of her claims - why is that so wrong?

She is very successful? We don't know that. No one knows that. THAT is the problem. (Well, one of the problems.)

A diet that works fast is not the same as a diet that works long term or a diet that is SAFE and HEALTHY.

I have a lot of positive things that I work on, this is just a small blog that I check in on once a day or so. I also feel that doing something to help those who might be harmed by Kimmer and her diet in the future is a VERY positive thing.

I don't feel that I'm wasting my time. If you don't like what I have to say, you certainly don't have to read the blog. :)

Kimkins Dangers said...

Brenda, I had another thought.

This petition is simply one to INVESTIGATE Kimkins. If you are so sure that Kimmer is doing nothing wrong and that the diet is healthy and safe, why are you so concerned about a petition?

If there is nothing to hide, an investigation shouldn't bother anyone.

weightless said...

Oh just thought you might like to know the site that is hosting the Petition to Investigate Kimkins is also hosting one to "Make fat people lose weight."

You all must feel so proud to be listed in such ranks of importance!

Kimkins Dangers said...

First of all, as I stated (that you might have missed), I did not start the petition nor decide what site was used.

That site hosts thousands of petitions for all manners of causes. Welcome to the world of Free Speech.

My focus is the investigation of Kimmer and Kimkins due to the clear and present dangers associated with the plans.

And.. by the by.. it's bad for someone to start a petition that is titled "make fat people lose weight", but it's ok for Kimmer to market to anorexics, call people liars when they stall on her plan, tell them to go do "Fatkins" instead because they're too weak for her tough, tough plan.. right? Right?

Stop with the hypocrisy, it's just embarrassing now.

weightless said...

actually you added to my thoughts with your comment.
I did not start the "Make Fat People Lose Weight Petition" either
but was merely commenting what position you include yourself in by signing a petition hosted by the same one that would allow such a thing to be hosted. It was just one of the many rediculous petitions included that I could have sited.

Yes by all means; welcome to free speech and welcome to ignorance if you believe every negative thing you hear from non-reputable authors

Kimkins Dangers said...

Alrighty, lets see if you can wrap your head around this.. (You remind me of someone called Fluffybear on the forums with the circular logic thing going on.)

First.. I cannot control what petitions the website hosts. That's the POINT of the website.. so people can get petitions going for what they CARE about.

I care about the dangers of Kimkins.

If you don't believe Kimkins is dangerous, then fine, why not investigate it? What are you scared of?

I don't include myself in any position in relation to that petition as I did NOT start it, nor was I involved in chosing where it was located on the web. (Not that I disagree with that site, there have been some very important petitions there in the past)

Your two comments have not managed to say exactly what your issue is, other than some poor attempt at an insult by liking me with some website that I have no control over. That's a straw man argument and one that is a complete waste of time.

weightless said...

my issue is a more of a question...

you stated you care about people who are being affected or lead to try or use kimkins to lose weight.
you claim that your sole intention is to bring to light what a danger kimkins is.

so my question is: Why have you specifically chosen kimkins?
Have you searched out the web for the growing numbers of people opting to lose weight and determined that kimkins is the worst of all evils with the highest risk of danger? What about all the pro-ana and pro-mia websites that are truly making a dent in causing death and dieting danger to people, more importantly young people who can't determine or aren't mindful enough to understand just what they are doing to their bodies. They also have their own petition gathered for the basis of trying to fight people who think their groups should be removed. Yet, you have chosen kimkins as a higher danger to report and investigate. What pointed you to this thought? And what do you hope to attain aside from trying to drive viewers to your blog?

As I have mentioned I am a supporter of kimkins because I HAVE researched the overall affects of the plan and the higher consensus of all the members is that they have acheived their goals or are successfully acheiving them through the process of being a part of the kimkins forums and using the suggestions as a tool for their weightloss.
I have been using the method with continued medical approval for 2 months. I am not the only kimkins member that has made this report.

As for "fluffybear" I didnt research who they are because it doesnt affect me, so I can't comment on any of their disgussions or whether they are logical. However, The only thing that remains circular in this discussion is the argument you continually attempt to make with people who have repeatedly told you kimkins works for them. We tell you we are healthy and have doctors support to continue losing and becoming healthy and you come back with lets investigate this-- its dangerous!
Are you medically versed enough to say my medical doctors or that any of the medical doctors who have told other kimkins members (worldwide) they approve of their weightloss-- are dangerous? What gives you the skilled basis for calling kimkins a danger?

Kimkins Dangers said...

weightless again (sigh)..

You think Kimkins is great, that's fine. I don't really care what you think of Kimkins.

I, on the other hand, think it is dangerous and have plenty of documented medical evidence proving so.

Kimkins is a vLCD. Dangerous. Period.

As for my reason for going after Kimkins? Personal reasons, friends personally affected by this fraud of a diet and Kimmer's lies.

Pro-ana? You don't think Kimmer's advice is at all pro-ana?!? Anorexics aim to eat about 500 calories a day.. hmmm where have we heard that before? OH YEAH! Kimkins! Laxative abuse? Pro-ana websites are all over that. Where else? OH YEAH! Kimkins!

OhYeahBabe said...

Encourage people who were members of Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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