Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let's Debate Kimkins!

I'd like to have a good, old fashioned, real debate about the Kimkins diet, using factual evidence instead of anecdotal or creative rationalization. Is that possible? Doubt it.

I, and many other bloggers, have presented factual information that clearly shows that Kimkins is not a healthy or safe weight loss plan, especially given the lack of medical oversight and the dangerous advice given out by non-medically trained staff members at the Kimkins website.

However, the debate seems to be going more like this:

The Bloggers refers to myself and other people speaking out against Kimkins.
Kimkinistas (a term coined at Kimkins Exposed Comment List) refers to the handful of Kimkins defenders posting on the blogs.

The Bloggers - Here is an article by Dr. So and So about the dangers of vLCDs.
Kimkinistas - You're not tough enough for this plan!

The Bloggers - Here is a list of warning signs. If you experience these, seek medical intervention immediately.
Kimkinistas - Go eat your greasy cheeseburgers!

The Bloggers - More stories from people who have been harmed on the Kimkins Plans.
Kimkinistas - You're pathetic! Leave us alone!

The Bloggers - A nurse weighs in on the Kimkins debate and says it is unhealthy.
Kimkinistas - You're fat and miserable!

The Bloggers - Exposing fraudulent use of images on the before and after pics. (Namely one Louise Vyent used as someone's after shot)
Kimkinistas - You're just jealous because you can't do it!

That is not exactly an intelligent, well-informed debate. It can't even be called a debate at all, really. Both sides need to be active in the discussion and after side A makes their point, side B is supposed to counter it with logic, fact and evidence. Side B has some mad catching up to do.

Let's see it!


Anonymous said...

Great blog entry! LOL it's sooooo true!

OhYeahBabe said...

Encourage people who were members of Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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