Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kimmer's Financial Woes

Woes as in sorrows, not way of life, though technically both fit here.

Now before anyone gets their feathers all ruffled, the information we will post below was taken from a PUBLIC, FREE credit advice forum.

As stated in an earlier post, the CASA representative was very interested in the profits from Kimkins.com as it related to one Heidi Diaz. We speculated that it was perhaps because she was collecting federal income such as Social Security, or state financial assistance. The interest would stem from a suspicion of unreported income.

We had no knowledge of Kimmer's "income source" other than her claim that she is a foster parent and there is a foster parent allowance each month to be used solely for the care and welfare of the children.

That would not extend to cover all of Kimmer's regular, day to day expenses, so where was she getting the money? She often stated that she did not work. We wanted to know what her other income source was.

Now we know.

Before we get to the information, let me say a few things.

First, this is highly relevant to the issue because it shows a continual effort on Kimmer's part to deceive those who would pay her real, hard earned money for her "advice". Face it, she lies. She lies a lot.

Secondly, if Kimmer has not reported her earnings from Kimkins.com to the source of her non-website related income provider (who we will name below), then she is defrauding the federal government. We can only hope that she was smart enough to report her income. We don't wish the penalties for such fraud on anyone, including Kimmer.

The Kimkins website is also registered to Brandon Diaz (courtesy of whois.com) and registered via the godaddy service. It is possible that the owner of Kimkins, on paper, is Brandon Diaz, but we have no information to support or deny this. If Brandon is the legal owner then the income is technically his, not Kimmer's, which would allow her to continue collecting payments from the federal government while funneling earnings from Kimkins.com through her son (?) Brandon.

That is a very gray legal area that we will not expound upon here until we have sought proper verification of the terms.

However, what remains is that Kimmer is collecting your tax dollars while raking in over a million dollars from the Kimkins memberships. (She claims 27,000+ members at 14.95-60.00 each).

It is possible that Kimmer is no longer collection SSD payments, however, that is unlikely.

Here is Kimmer's post from CreditBoards.com with date.


I want to buy a house before the end of the year (like that's going to happen in southern California!) My question is what will improve my FICO more and faster?

My current FICO is 548 (pulled yesterday, all 3 are very close) and this is my credit history. The bad stuff is what happened at my divorce 6 years ago:

* 1 Chap 7 BK, joint (6 years old)

* 1 auto repossession, joint (6 years old)

* 1 foreclosure, joint (6 years old)

* Judgement, mine ($280, unpaid, 3 years old)

* 15 federal/state student loans ($43,000) - should have been in forebearance for disability, but are in the process of being discharged now for disability (THAT was an ordeal!). They will still show >3 years late since I never paid any portion (6 years old)

* 1 private student loan where the CA has served a summons for June ($21,000)

* 10-12 miscellaneous lates/CO's (mostly medical, about $8,000 total)

I only have 1 positive TL, a small furniture store account, paid off. There are a few old positive trade accounts that were paid as agreed but they will age off soon, I think?

I applied and was approved for 2 "toy" credit cards online yesterday. I know it's not ideal, but it's the best I can do right now. I have no extra $ for a higher limit secured card. I have no other debt and my car is paid off.

In my area of California there's a special program where you can pick a house to "buy", except that it's like a lease-option. It's a government program. At the end of 3 years you're expected to qualify for the mortgage (credit).

If I do a BK right now, I can qualify for FHA loans in 24 months but I'll have the BK for 7-10 years.

If I don't do the BK and wait for the baddies to age off, that can take 3-7 years (some hospital bills are new, but I have insurance now).

So, what's the best way? I've already disputed some baddies and had them dropped. I'm thinking that even if I improve the CAs it won't matter since I have several big things like the BK, judgment, foreclosure and repo. I also owe my ex $1800 and it's in our divorce decree. I would include that in the BK.

Regarding the CA that served me a summons for a private lender student loan (taken out 7 years ago), will they get a judgment even if I don't have a means to pay? My income is Social Security disability and foster care. My foster payments are to care for the children and their needs, not pay off my personal debts.

Opinions? Do another BK? Wait? What??? Would a "good will" letter to the student loan people help, asking them to show the accounts as deferred since they should have been?"

"I didn't know I had a time limit to answer the complaint so long as it was reasonabe before the hearing date (I was thinking April). The summons upset me because I've explained to the CA that I couldn't pay and the 4 previous CAs left me alone. The irony is it's for 1 semester at a private law school ... see how that's working for me now!"

I will also send a letter to the CA attorney. If I were vindictive I'd seek $$$ for negligent infliction of emotional distress, but since finding out I won't need a BK, I'm in a pretty good mood!"


Contrary to the information from the above 2005 post, here is a post from 2004 in which Kimmer claims to have NO debt and asking a lot of questions about how much money she could possibly get if she adopted one of her foster children. (Note - she is asking about adopting ONE of a pair of siblings, as he is a special needs child and eligible for lifetime SS stipends. She even claims that the biological family only wants their son back because of this potential income. Pot - Kettle?)

Anonymous said...

Just an fyi:

Brandon Diaz also goes by the name rezeyu online and lists his name as Brandon Daiz, age as 18, and location as Corona, California on his myspace page found here http://www.myspace.com/dishearteneddesigns.

He is also listed as owner of the website http://www.thecorruptedcanvas.com and in a search for the term kimkins on the forum there, I found the following comment:

"I updated the site a bit more, and made the Alternate text rollovers for images a bit more descriptive.

I just got a job working for the site Kimkins.com, as their customer service rep. for online deals, making $10.00 USD an hour.
So hopefully I'll be able to get more for the site, like a real gallery script? lol

I want to allow image hosting as well, so you can all have your own albums.
I'll also be able to purchase more bandwidth.

It also means I can keep living here, whoop!"

Doesn't sound like he owns Kimkins to me.

Kimkins Dangers said...

No, it doesn't sound as if he owns Kimkins, even just "on paper". Good sleuthing! :)

Anonymous said...

So he got a job working for his mother *rolleyes*.

Anonymous said...

You probably already did this, but if you check LCF archives you find that kimmer claims that in 2003, she is working at a Civil Enginneering Firm, in 2006, that her "Boss" (presumably in another job) has her working on the United Way Campaig and that she doen't use any credit and the only way she know about FICO scores is that she just started watching Suzie Orman.

OhYeahBabe said...


Encourage people who were members of Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit! Don't let Kimmer get away with this!

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