Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kimmer Weaves a Tangled Web

First.. check this out - (discovered by someone that shall remain nameless until I have permission to use their name here)

Kimmer Looks for a Date

Now.. a few interesting things to note about this.

First.. the picture(s) used on the dating website are the same ones that Kimmer has used cropped portions of as her own avatar, therefore we can safely say that they are indeed her real pictures.

The boy in the pictures, who has previously been cropped out, appears to be under 18, so we can safely assume that these pictures are several years old IF we assume that the boy is one of her foster sons.

(note - in the profile she states that she is a FORMER foster mom. One of two things is true - either the profiles were made recently, therefore it is true that she is a FORMER foster parent and used old pictures OR the profiles are old and thus her statements about being a CURRENT foster parent are untrue. Remember that several "games" on the kimkins site involved sending checks to Kimmer for her "foster sons". They cannot both be true - therefore Kimmer has made a very big mistake here. Either way, she is proven a liar.)

The blue shirt picture(s) also appear in one other place on the web - Kimmer's picture (registered name Heidi Miller Diaz).

So.. this raises a few questions.

1) Did Kimmer make the profile and the dating website profile?

- She claims that she did not make the classmate profile in her interview with Jimmy Moore and claimed that she had not seen the picture. However, when Jimmy described the picture she said "well, it must be me...", an odd admission indeed. Based on that, we can assume that the pictures are at least really hers.

- The information on the Heidi classmates profile is indeed her information. Same birthdate, school, graduation year and name. Similar information is found on the dating website.

2) If Kimmer did not make these two profiles, who did?

- Who would have access to a personal picture of Kimmer that is found nowhere else on the web?

- Who else would have known all of her personal information such as birthdate, high school attended, graduation year, etc.?

3) If Kimmer says that she did not make those profiles, where did the picture come from?

If she tries to say that the pictures are NOT her, then why did she use them as her own avatar?

4) If YOU lost 200 pounds, wouldn't you use a fancy pic of your skinny self on a dating website?! (a la the red dress lady picture)

- You might not use a pic like the red dress lady picture if there was a danger that someday you'd be meeting someone that would clearly see that it was not you......

Oh.. what a tangled web we weave.

edited to add -

Here is another -

Another Dating Website Kimmer Profile
Kimmer2 as Jaclyn Smith Again
(The last one is intriguing given that Kimmer has used JS pictures as her avatar in the past on Yahoo.)


tiredofscams said...

Oh, even more than just "fundraisers" on the site, Kimmer has said many times that the profits of the membership fees are for her foster kids. Who knows what remains of this assertion on her regularly sanitized website, but if anyone doubt she says this, just check out her post (#25)on this thread over at ALC.

(While you're there, you can also see how she justifies stealing the work of Drs. Atkins & Stillman with her perceived "legal loophole.")

Anonymous said...

Why assume that nobody else has access to these photos? Somebody else than "kimmer" must have been holding the camera, no?

Anonymous said...

Do we know when this profile was actually posted to the dating website? Was it posted last year, 2 years ago, 2 days ago? Any time stamping on anything?

Kimkins Dangers said...

First, I assume that Kimmer posted those profiles for the same reason I assume Kimmer is the person behind Kimkins. There is no proof either way, is there?

As for the dates of the profiles, I believe one would have to log into the site and create an account for that information to be visible. (Not something I feel like doing really, but go ahead and share your findings!)

If someone else posted those profiles, then we have to ask who had access to the uncropped version of the photo that Kimmer herself used as her avatar.

If the profiles are old, then she was lying about being a foster mom when she accepted donations from Kimkins members recently as they state she is a "former" foster mother.

If the profiles are recent, then we have to ask why she would use a very old picture that shows her BEFORE her alleged weight loss instead of that fancy, skinny red dress person.

Oh, the questions are endless. Either way, something really stinks in the Kimpire.

weightless said...

I have to laugh at the Jackie post. It notes the last login was 3wks ago. Doubtful someone would be using an open dating website to request dates with all the kimmer discussions going on during that time frame. It would be just as easy to assume they were posted with an attempt to discredit her as it would be to assume she actually would post them herself.

I really don't care whether she is a fat woman, thin woman or even a man. She could be Jimmy Moore for all I know... what I do care about is the personal success I have had through using the kimkins website as a tool for weightloss.

Kimkins Dangers said...

weightless, it's obvious that you don't care if she's a fat woman or not. You don't care if you've been lied to or misled, you just don't care!

I, on the other hand, care very much about the lies and fraudulent activity of Kimmer and Kimkins.

weightless said...

I care that you are the one that is misinforming people based on what? Do you inform people based on personal issue, something that didn't work well for you? Do you inform people based on medical knowledge that you can speak to based on any trained education?
What brings you to such vigor that you decided to sit down and create a blog about people you are not connected to in any personal manner? How did you come to decide this is the one cause you should invest your time with?
Or better yet, who makes you qualified as a judge to say that anyone else has researched any of the available material any less than you?? Maybe the reason you get under people's skin so much isn't the fact that you are attempting to stop kimkins, but that you basically flagrantly call the people who have been succeeding idiots... (wow 135,000 idiots against you... that is some stand you are mounting.)

My remark about who "kimmer" is, reflects the fact that you likely have no clue who most people are that you purchase items from on a daily basis. Do you know who the owner or president is of the grocery chain you buy your family's food from is? Do you know if the people who manufacture the packaged foods you buy are responsible and clean individuals who take care in making sure the food you eat is safe for consumption? How about the restaurants you frequent, what goes on in the kitchen while you are out in the dining area? What was the last health code rating received by your favorite restaurant? You are closer to most of these people than you would ever be to someone on kimkins, but for whatever reason, those things are less important to you... thank about it.

So yes I care. I also care that I have had great success with the basic kimkins diet and my doctors continually access me with kudos for my effort.

Heather said...

weightless, you are both rude and annoying.

Nothing you have said in ANY of your verbose comments has countered any of the factual information I have presented that shows that Kimkins is a DANGEROUS VLCD.

Put up, or shut up.

Kimkins Dangers said...

First of all, weightless.. you do not know that I am not involved personally in the Kimmer issue, do not make assumptions.

Secondly, I've enabled comment moderation as I don't wish to hear from you anymore considering that you cannot manage to post a comment with any factual data to counter any of the allegations posted in this blog and simply use my comment list as an outlet for your cognitive dissonance.

OhYeahBabe said...

Heidi Diaz lies are catching up to her!

Encourage people who were members of Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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