Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kimkins Staff Update

As some Kimkins staffers get banned, new ones get added.

We will take the opportunity to see who Lisa Jackson is and investigate her involvement with Kimkins and potential liability.

Press releases from

Corona, CA, August 30, 2007 --( The Kimkins Weight Loss program is pleased to announce the addition of its newest staff member, Lisa Jackson, as the Director of Event Planning and Meetings.

Since Lisa’s long hard journey of losing 75 pounds 6 years ago, she has struggled with keeping off the weight permanently. After much time consumed with health, weight loss and exercise research and studies, she came across the Kimkins Weight Loss System.

“I’m a hands-on person. I find that I can connect and associate with people when I can meet them and get to know them,” explains Jackson. “My desire for organizing the Kimkins Meet Ups is to provide people living the Kimkins low carb lifestyle additional means of connecting with others in their area that share the same way of eating and support each other in their journeys.”

“Lisa is a tremendous asset to our team,” states Kimkins spokesperson, Christin Sherburne. “Her drive and excitement to meet with other Kimkins members and encourage them in their lifestyle change is contagious. We are looking forward to relating even closer with our members through the face-to-face meetings that Lisa is organizing.”

A recent Dallas, TX Kimkins Meet Up event held at a local venue was filled to capacity and warmly received.

Assistant coordinator for Kimkins Meet Ups, Raewyn Teh, adds, “The Meet Up groups are a great way to get extra support during our transformations. Some of us thrive on the motivation from the Kimkins forums or Live Chat Room and enjoy meeting people we have met with online."

"In addition," Ms. Teh states, "Meet Up groups provide extra coaching and encouragement to those who may not be as comfortable with a virtual environment. We aim to provide support to members as they take their Kimkins journeys and share our knowledge and tips on the Kimkins way of eating. For new members and guests yet to join, it provides a tangible experience to Kimkins. It’s not just a social event, but an informative meeting with helpful tips on all aspects of this life changing transformation. It’s a wonderful opportunity meet others who share the Kimkins lifestyle.”

The next Kimkins Meet Up will be held in the Dallas suburb of Plano, TX, September 8, 2007 with the topic: Overcoming the Struggles of Your Old Dietary Habits,” and is open to the public.

For additional information please contact Lisa Jackson at
Kimkins Weight Loss Welcomes New Event Planning and Meetings Director -

Kimmer Lies said...

Apparently these meet-ups have fees - GO FIGURE! - part of the fee covers a "Kimkins friendly mini-meal".. HA! Mini-meal, NO KIDDING.. hahaha. Wonder if that'll be a Diet Coke and an Ex-Lax! LOL

Anonymous said...

If they are organizing via, that site charges a semi-annual fee, which each group typically passes on to it's members.

Kimkins Dangers said...

Don't you think a $60 fee that covers a LIFETIME membership (unless you get banned for disagreeing with Kimmer) should cover a meet-up group luncheon?

Don't you worry more about Kimmer collecting SSD while earning over a million dollars from the website and defrauding the federal government?

No.. you worry about covering the costs of


tiredofscams said...

It looks like there's TWO staff members being added for this meetups position. oh puhleeze *rolleyes* Why wouldn't this fall under the PR person's job description anyway?

Oh wait, that's right, the PR chick is busy "being" Kimmer on the site so Heidi can "hide."

Anonymous said...

Such responses are why some KK members, who might otherwise start considering the information presented on these blogs, are turned off by them.

I was just offering some information, I'll know better next time.

Kimkins Dangers said...

You're right, my comment was "snarky", ha!

However, there are so MANY more important things to look at than charging a nominal fee that the Kimpire could easy absorb without passing it off onto their members!

$60 as a fee to look at a darn website is outrageous, why not provide the "mini-meal" as a business expense?

It's a rip off no matter how you break it down.

Kimkins Dangers said...

"Such responses are why some KK members, who might otherwise start considering the information presented on these blogs, are turned off by them."

I also have to wonder about anyone who would be more turned off by the truth or a snarky comment than Kimmer banning people and lying. Kimmer ripping of the US Government. Kimmer making dangerous medical claims that could KILL someone.

But if a snide comment is so much more offensive than those things, is there really any hope?

Anonymous said...

I never said it wasn't a rip-off, and I wasn't defending the practice of charging for attendance. I came here looking for information - not to be a target for your sarcasm.

Kimkins Dangers said...

Hey, I was sarcastic, I'll admit. But please try to understand that when we publish things showing blatant HUGE lies by Kimmer and we get comments about, it's almost like "what on earth are they thinking?!".

Perhaps I'm defensive, not that it's ok to do that, but many people point out the "mean things" the bloggers do, but don't say a word about the horrible things Kimmer does.

We've been called shock bloggers (by forum admins of all people), evil, terrorists, negative nancies (lol), and many many other ridiculous things when all we are doing is presenting information.

I apologize for being sarcastic.

OhYeahBabe said...

Don't let Kimmer get away with her lies!

Encourage people who were members of Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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