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Kimkins - Real Harm to Real People

Here are some excerpts from posts around the web - real Kimkins dieters, real dangers.

This person wants to know how to convince their doctor to let them continue this diet that gave her symptoms of a heart attack?!
"I was taken to the E.R. Sunday night with symptoms of a heart attack. It turned out that my potassium levels were dangerously low. I haven't been on plan since then and have gained back 12 lbs already. I have to follow up with my doctor tomorrow. I know what she is going to say. My diet will be blamed. What can I say to her that will convince her to let me continue this W.O E. Do you think that my diet could have had anything to do with it? I haven't posted in Fit Day for over a week. I tried to I.M you but didn't know that you were having computer problems. I want to get back on plan but am a little nervous about it. My doctor is a bit old fashioned and doesn't like anything that isn't "balanced". I never have been able to convince her otherwise.

I'm open for suggestions. Help!

Dangerous thinking -
Yes i do use a food scale i want to know exactly how much i am putting in my mouth i guess you could say i am almost obsessive about it. At this point i cannot handle any gains. I was just worried because with the small gain this morning sent me over the edge. I thought gee i gained just by thinking about ice cream. I have to lose at least 20 lbs my may 26 and will do whatever it takes to do it

When you know it's just wrong -
I was a bit concerned about my calories and carbs being so low but to be honest i am not hungry at all. And if i was hungry obviously i would increase a little. But thank you for the support. I just didnt want to go into starvation mode and not lose anything

Actually worried about eating yogurt and celery sticks...
When water fasting I start to feel bad/weak. I eat 2 sticks of celery or a Lc yogurt and feel better. Do you thinkby doing that I am defeating the purpose of the fast? Will I not lose as fast as I could eating 1 cup Lc yogurt and 2 sticks of celery?

And Kimmer actually tells her to STOP EATING!
Kimmer - The worse you feel the more your body needs the cleaning, that's why you feel bad ... not to mention detoxing while going into 'real'
ketosis. Everyone feels horrible the first 3 days. I call them the "Ickies". If you're eating yogurt (sugar) you're postponing that.

Eating Disorder-ed Mentality -
I've been yo-yo'ing with Atkins for about 3 years. I go on and am good and lose a lot then I get confident and fall off. This is probably my 5th time re-inducing and I'm noticing that with each induction it takes me longer to get into
ketosis. Is this a common reaction? Is it possible to build up a ketosis immunity? Any suggestions for jump starting ketosis? I'm afraid to water fast and would have to do it undercover as my family is vehimently opposed to the idea. Would a water fast kick my metabolism into gear?

Oh brother -
One more question is the following allowed on a water fast:

Tea unsweetened
Cocco unsweetened (keeps me regular)
Diet Sprite

Kimmer's Answer - "So, you're
not supposed to, but I do."

Another dangerous thinking pattern -
Hello Kimmer! I am going to start a 3 day water fast to see how it goes...I did the M/E for 3 days. I was wondering if sugar free jello is allowed when water fasting since there are no carbs or calories in it besides the artificial color and sugar..Just checking. Either way I am determined to do this...How long do you have to stay on the salad after the water fast? My plan is, and tell me what you think, is to eat m/e for 3 days then water fast for 3 days, and the 1 day eat salad all day....then start all over....Do you think this would work in the long term? Thank you sooo much for all your help!

Kimmer's reply -

Kimmer - Would it work? Yes. (...) Actually, this could be a very useful program for you. Some get bored during water fasting, but looking forward to a Kimmer 3 Day Experiment and then Veggie Day, can definitely help.

I'm getting SNATT just reading these.. need to take a break. I'll add more when I can stomach reading more of the forum.

Still don't think Kimkins is dangerous?


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There are so many more stories on the Kimkins Diet Survivors blog.

Encourage people who were members of Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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