Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Kimkins Members on the Attack

I really, really, really have to wonder why a handful of Kimkins members feel that it is both wise and supportive to their cause to post crap like this around the web.

I also wonder why anyone would read this sort of vitriolic spew and still consider joining their "happy community". If these are the type of people that hang around the Kimkins forum all day, I will certainly pass on that experience!

The statements below are quoted from various forums, comment lists and websites.

From "Fatkins"
Oh PUH-leez. Kimkins gets the weight off. That’s better than staying fat and definitely better than clogging your arteries with greasy burgers and bacon all day as you swallow your pride and wallow in your misery staying fat and wondering what you’re doing to stay fat!
(my reply - Oh, how utterly stupid. You act as if Kimkins is the only diet plan in the world, which is it not and it certainly is not the best.)

From "Kimkins4me"
How sad all of you are railing on something you can’t do yourselves! Suck it up and either do it or shut up already!
(my reply - Please try to understand the difference between "can't" and "too smart to".)

From "ilovekimkins"
I can’t stomach the idea of being forced to make myself eat tubs of lard and pounds of bacon each day. Lean low carb is ideal and works better than any other diet out there. Try it before you criticize it!
(my reply - Please quote page number and paragraph of any of the Atkins books wherein it suggests one eat tubs of lard and pounds of bacon each day?)

From "DrFatkinsSucks"
Good heavens! Kimkins is a lean low-carb plan, like any other low-carb plan and healthy! If I don’t want to eat bacon and drink cream everyday why are you insisting I should? I don’t need to eat a greasy diet and die from heart disease.
(my reply - Again, please quote page number and paragraph of any of the Atkins books wherein it says you must eat bacon and drink cream everyday. I'll ignore the fact that you think Kimkins and vLCD's are healthy for now.)

From "Trouble"
She has offered proof, she’s said that it’s her in the red dress. This may blow your mind, but many of us believe her.
(my reply - It does blow my mind that anyone would accept a photograph online as PROOF of any claim related to health and nutrition when one's personal health and very life is on the line.)

From "Ted"
Sounds to me like sour grapes. I see the light now. You are jealous of the money. Something like “why didnt I think of that?” Get a life and move on.
(my reply - I have more money :P)

From KIMMER herselfNow I would have thoguht that impossible to misconstrue? Leave it to a Negative Nancy to accomplish the impossible. “Post supportively” is for Jimmy’s benefit who has been a strong supporter of Kimkins members, their member generated support forums and appreciative of their impressive weight losses. What I don’t want are Kimkins members to write anything at any website even remotely similar to the tone of Kimmerexia’s posts. Leave negativity to the pros. Jimmy has an important announcement later today and I support him 100%.
(my reply - Why would Kimmer feel she has the right to control what anyone says? Hmm.)

More from KIMMER herself
Rockytoad you need some professional help, perhaps Weight Watchers might do you some good since you don’t have the self-discipline needed to really get those last pounds off and are still stuck in your negative thinking patterns.

“Kimmerexia you can’t handle the truth so go eat your greasy bacon and butter laden steaks and leave me to my important work to help people have a safe place to fall when they fail eating your beloved diet from Dr. Fatkins!”
(my reply - Although some think that these were not actually written by Kimmer, there are many eye-opening examples of similar posts on her own forum, using the exact same language and "tone".)

From "KimkinsFan"
Give me a break people! Jimmy isn’t stupid enough to actually listen to all this hate for Kimmer. He adores her and she adores him. He loves being on Kimkins and no matter how much you all think you are going to persuade him to go back to eating a high fat diet. He doesn’t want to stay fat! Don’t you all get that? Don’t you get that he found Kimmer and her diet and is now on his way to finally losing that ugly fat he still is stuck with because Atkins didn’t do it for him? Get a life people, Jimmy is one of us! Jimmy this is for you. Just ignore the haters and play in our positive sandbox. You don’t need them. You need to lose the fat and Kimmer is helping you do that. No regrets Jimmy. No excuses Jimmy. You can do it!
(my reply - First, it's bad form to speak for someone else. Jimmy certainly spoke for himself with his own blog, didn't need you to do it for him. Secondly, he lost almost 200 pounds on ATKINS, not Kimkins. Also, this "us against them" idea is very scary - it is from posts such as this that many have been whispering the "cult" word.)

More from "KimkinsFan"
You couldn’t discipline yourself Morgan that is why you now are out to smear Kimmer and her way. Get over it. You can’t do it. Nothing more than that. But you hide behind this illusion that Jimmy isn’t loyal to Kimmer, that she’s putting up with him because he makes her money and she makes him money. It isn’t about money. It’s about losing the fat. You can’t and you’re free to go back to Fatkins if you want the easy way out. Kimmer is tough. Kimkins is tough. It’s good to learn discipline. You should try it sometime.

(my reply - This person is not acquainted with "Morgan" at all and does not have any information about her life or her diet history, pure supposition designed to hurt feelings.)

I could post MANY many more of these insane little quippets from the Kimkins camp, but these give a very adequate representation of what the members are saying (at least a few of them, or perhaps its the same person with several nicks).

What I see is denial, a fierce battle against some imagined enemy and other worrying signs. Many of the quotes feature a similar theme - anyone that isn't on Kimkins is miserable and fat or too weak to follow their tough, tough plan, or not motivated, wanting to eat greasy burgers and tubs of lard. It really is rather frightening to read these comments when none of them are founded in truth or factual evidence, simply attempts at very low personal attacks.

To all of those Kimkins members that feel the need to post comments such as these, I would ask one thing. If you want people to think highly of Kimkins, it's founder and the plans contained therein, perhaps you could post relevant, factual information, such as medical studies that corroborate Kimmer's claims or at the very least try to debate the "naysayers" with a bit of dignity?

I know you disagree, but you aren't doing Kimkins any favors by posting things like this. When someone who is not involved in the issue reads the lists of comments and forums and sees the "naysayers" posting medical studies and factual information in a generally polite and concerned manner and then reads replies from the Kimkins camp filled with nothing but childish insults, what sort of opinion you do think they will form of Kimkins and it's members?

Think about it.

I also would like to express my sincere regret for those who are on the Kimkins plan and not involved in this juvenile banter. I am sorry that your club friends are going around the websites making the rest of you look foolish. There are many people on the Kimkins website that are not this idiotic, and who are smart enough to remain quiet as there is no logical, factual debate to be made by that side of the issue.

In closing, I would just like to state for the record that NOWHERE in the Atkins diet plans (any version) does it suggest eating tubs of lard, tons of bacon, greasy cheeseburgers or any of the other asinine foods suggested by those above.


Anonymous said...

These comments really scare me. I tried Kimkins as I was desperate to lose my last 20 pounds, but stayed at 1000 cals. Stuck to it as hard as I could, then got a good result, but stalled as you do, and then started cutting back calories until I was at 500 per day. I was miserable, cranky, tired, I'd stand up aand nearly faint, and almost vomited when I was pushed to my usual limit by my personal trainer. And the constipation! I even took laxatives, got into that rubbish. I kept bagging myself that I wasn't good enough, couldn't stick to it and was a downright miserable sod - taking out my hunger on everyone else. I paid $60, but you know what I gave it up, not because I'm weak, or a fat blob, or not tough enough but because I care about myself and my self esteem. This 60 bucks taught me to loathe myself. I hated how this diet made me feel about myself. I lost more than 60 lbs doing Atkins, but some back on, because I lived the high life, too much alcohol and too many empty carbohydrates. I hate eggs, don't eat them, don't eat bacon, don't eat a tub of butter either, I eat lean meat, both red and white, vegies salad etc. And I'm stable at my weight. I have really stuffed my metabolism, so I'm going to do something 'radical' for a low carber - refeeds. Follow the body builders. But I'm not eating pizza, I don't eat that anyway, but increase good carbs starting at once a week to keep my body guessing. You know what - it's working - but slow and steady, and I don't have to keep to 500 cals a day. I work in health care and I knew what I was doing was wrong, but my low self esteem sucked me in. I'm not going to bag those who are doing it, as a person who has struggled with my weight for years, would never put anyone else down, all I can say is be careful. And don't call me a loser, nohoper, fatkins either, you do your cause no good. I'm just like you, struggling with my weight, I wish it was easy, but it isn't. Don't be so downright nasty, find the evidence and post it, scientific evidence. I'm just going by the way I felt. It was no good for me but don't give me cr_p over it, and don't you dare call me a fatkins. I'm just going to get on with it. I haven't bagged KK anywhere, so don't you dare bag me. No you probably didn't mean me personally, eh? But that's the whole KK thing, it did and does effect me. Sorry this is a long comment, but those comments made me really mad.

Anonymous said...

The comments are awful and bad, and so is Kimkins. But so are the pics mocking Kimmers on the other website!

It would be easier to stand on the high ground if you had not also layed down in the valley.

Just my thoughts.

Kimkins Dangers said...

First, a response to the first comment - I'm very glad to see you've found your way to healthy eating and I thank you for sharing your story here. Best of luck to you, really!

To the second comment - I didn't post any pictures of Kimmer, not even the ones she says are her. I did not, nor will I, post any photoshopped images, whether they were the ones she used on her website or the ones people have made recently mocking her.

I think your comment might have been left at the wrong blog.

Anonymous said...

Kimkins Dangers said: "I think your comment might have been left at the wrong blog."

I apologize if that is the case... but all these blogs (Kimkins Dangers, Kimkins Exposed, Anti-Kimkins) DO seem as though they have originated by the same person/group of people. Without any of the blog owner(s) revealing their identities, it's just sort of hard to differentiate between them for the average reader.

Like I said before, I DO support this effort, but I'm not sure that the method (anonymous blogs), and the seeming "fanning of the flames" is really helping spread the truth about the "dangers" of Kimkins. To me, this isn't about how rude her supporters are- it's about how harmful the diet is. But I do appreciate your efforts, even so!

Kimkins Dangers said...

This blog is not associated with any of the others, only insofar as they have the same theme and goal.

I do not know the authors of the other blogs or even what forums or groups they may belong to.

As for the question of the blog author's identity, I find that incredibly ironic considering that so much of the Kimkins drama has originated from the fact that Kimmer will not release her own identity.

It can't be both ways. Either the demand for Kimmer to reveal herself is made, or the demand for the bloggers to reveal themselves should silence.

Anonymous said...

kimkins dangers: "As for the question of the blog author's identity, I find that incredibly ironic considering that so much of the Kimkins drama has originated from the fact that Kimmer will not release her own identity.

It can't be both ways. Either the demand for Kimmer to reveal herself is made, or the demand for the bloggers to reveal themselves should silence."

I guess I don't understand these statements. I think there *have* been many posters on the LCF forum, lowcarbers Forum, etc. that have requested Kimmers to come forward with her real life identity, and/or expressed great skepticism of the reasons that she hasn't. In his interview, I believe that Jimmy Moore, even publicly requested her to do so.

But just because Kimmer refuses to disclose her real identity doesn't make it "okay" for those who criticize her to take the same road. Is there a particular reason why the request for anti-Kimkin bloggers identities should be "silenced"? Obviously, it's your blog, and your decision on what you want to reveal about yourself to the world... But for me, knowing someone's credentials, their experience WITH the diet, or ANY diet, etc., helps lend credence to their arguments. Without knowing, it makes me wonder if there might be a personal reason for the blog rather than purely to point out the dangers of Kimkins. That's just my perception... and really not knowing anything else, it's hard to know WHAT to believe.

Kimkins Dangers said...

I'll try to sum this up in as few words as possible..

I am not selling anything. I am not making any money off this blog (there are no ads or affiliate links at all). I am not promoting MY success at anything nor am I making any claims that cannot - and I stress cannot - be proven.

I don't use my real name online. Not in forums, emails, groups or any other form of internet communication.

However, I am NOT selling anything. I am not claiming to have done something and selling the means to achieve the same "success" that I have had.

Kimmer is.

My name is irrelevant, Kimmer's is not. She is saying that SHE lost all this weight, so quickly and so easily, on this specific plan that she is selling. She needs to prove her claims.

I don't.

Rhiannon said...

Honestly, as I read these comments, it almost seemed to me as if it was the same person writing them. Maybe they are all just spewing the party line, but I was wondering if Kimmer was up to her old tricks of multiple screen names.

I still do not understand why she just doesn't come forward and show the world she is who she says she is (i.e. red dress lady) if she really is telling the truth (which I doubt she is).

Kimkins Dangers said...

I agree, Rhiannon. Many of these comments use the same language, the same insults, the same "tone". They do seem to be from one or two people using a multitude of screen names.

The Kimmer quotes are almost verbatim excerpts from her own forum thread at LCF - so I definitely do not believe that they are not her.

As for the others.. well, if they're not Kimmer, they've certainly taken a leaf from her book!

Anonymous said...

Kimkins USER
Hi I am a kimkins user. The idea of kimkins is to start off low and gragually start eating more... not the opposite!
come on!
You eat under 20 to loose weight. Once you hit goal then you start adding foods and carbs!
Stop bashing Kimkins... is this helping you At all?

Kimkins Dangers said...

Uhh.. KimkinsUSER? You do realize that Kimmer herself states that there is NO maintenance phase for Kimkins (yet, so she says)?

I've looked over the plans as outlined on her own website just now and NONE of them have any sort of plan for adding in more foods as one progresses.

So.. I dunno what you're talking about, but it ain't Kimkins.

OhYeahBabe said...

I wonder where these people are now? I hope the TV segments about the dangers of the diet, and the deposition in which Heidi said she lied, convinced these people to see Kimkins for what it really is.

Don't let your friends, or even your enemies, do the Kimkins Diet! Encourage people who were members of Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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