Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Is Kimmer a Foster Parent?

In light of all the new information coming out, we thought it would be a good idea to verify the claim that Kimmer is a foster parent.

It does seem as though she is, however, we've been fooled by many of her other claims.

We are in the process of validating her claim and will post the findings as soon as they become available to us.

Several pieces of information have caused us to become suspicious about her foster parent status.

1) She collects social security disability (allegedly for a "heart issue").
(If she is incapable of working, even part-time, how is she capable of caring for no less than 4 teenage boys?)

2) She has not served as a C.A.S.A. for several years yet still claimed to be a C.A.S.A. on the Kimkins website, long after her service was ended.

3) Would the foster system in California allow one single woman, with no means of supporting herself other than governmental aid to raise four teenage boys (in addition to her own son) by herself, especially when she is physically ill with a heart condition?

We'd like the answer to these questions and we will get them. Stay tuned for updates!


OhYeahBabe said...

Don't let Kimmer get away with her lies and scams!

Encourage people who were members of Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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