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Heidi and Student Loans

The owner of has admitted that she has judgements against her for student loans, yet at the same time brags about being "judgement proof".

Certain parties are interested in this information and we shall endeavor here to make it plainly available in one nice, neat post. Remember that most of the posts are under Heidi's online name "Kimmer".

If the interested parties need more information, please feel free to contact us at

Heidi's statements about her own debt and income can be found here

I want to buy a house before the end of the year (like that's going to happen in southern California!) My question is what will improve my FICO more and faster?

My current FICO is 548 (pulled yesterday, all 3 are very close) and this is my credit history. The bad stuff is what happened at my divorce 6 years ago:

* 1 Chap 7 BK, joint (6 years old)

* 1 auto repossession, joint (6 years old)

* 1 foreclosure, joint (6 years old)

* Judgement, mine ($280, unpaid, 3 years old)

* 15 federal/state student loans ($43,000) - should have been in forebearance for disability, but are in the process of being discharged now for disability (THAT was an ordeal!). They will still show >3 years late since I never paid any portion (6 years old)

* 1 private student loan where the CA has served a summons for June ($21,000)

* 10-12 miscellaneous lates/CO's (mostly medical, about $8,000 total)

I only have 1 positive TL, a small furniture store account, paid off. There are a few old positive trade accounts that were paid as agreed but they will age off soon, I think?

I applied and was approved for 2 "toy" credit cards online yesterday. I know it's not ideal, but it's the best I can do right now. I have no extra $ for a higher limit secured card. I have no other debt and my car is paid off.

Could anything of benefit to me happen at the CMC? Any chance the mediator would tell the CA that even if they get the judgment, that I'm judgment proof (assuming I keep my cash out of a bank)?

I'm seeing the light now. Even if I were to agree to pay, then I couldn't afford a mortgage payment (plus usual maintenance and repairs).

The loan for the private law school was through a private lender, TERI (The Education Resource Institute).

The OC tried collecting initially, Since then it's been transferred 3 times to various CAs. I explain my situation and they leave me alone. Except the new CA which is headed by an attorney (all they do is collections).

But what if they get the judgment and I still don't/can't pay? Is that when a bank levy happens? Are there any stays or remedies available for me for prevention?

The last activity date would have been 1996 since that's when the divorce started and I couldn't pay anything, which is why I lost my house. I'm kicking myself over that one, mortgage was $1055 which was astronomical to me at the time ... except now I'm paying $1438 for a 3 BR apartment. Doh!!!

Hope you don't mind if I include your verbiage in my answer, plus a bit more of my own?

I emailed a family law attorney acquaintance when I posted here this morning. He said if the SOL has run, I should file my answer demurring to the complaint (yes, the complaint is correct, but moot since SOL has run).

I will also send a letter to the CA attorney. If I were vindictive I'd seek $$$ for negligent infliction of emotional distress, but since finding out I won't need a BK, I'm in a pretty good mood!

It's almost impossible to get a federal student loan discharged for disability, but I qualified. TERI doesn't know this.

The CA attorney hasn't contacted me at all. Too bad TERI is out the $ they've paid him so far and the $325 court filing fee they won't recoup.

(My note - she posted the paragraph below, but current court records indicate a judgement was issued on 08/27/07 and we have heard that there is another hearing scheduled for 11/27/07)

Within 10 minutes I received a reply email from TERI asking me to call their office immediately.

Again, against my better judgement I called (rather than having a record of correspondence) and they said ...

"We're extremely sorry for the trouble this has caused you. We were unaware of your situation. We are sending LOAN CANCELLATION forms via Federal Express. Please return them for processing."

Can you believe it!!!!

Then I asked about the civil lawsuit. Their response:

"We are withdrawing our action. Our staff will send a confirmation to you. Again, we're very sorry and hope you'll accept our apologies."

I'm on Cloud 9!!!

Thank you everybody. If it weren't for your help, I'd stil be scrapping together $35 for the attorney consult.

I shouldn't be this pleased about having $65K total in student loans forgiven (since the taxpayer foots the bill), but I am. It's a HUGE weight off my shoulders!

From 1997 to present, I continue to be disabled and am certified every 3 years through an independent physician selected by Social Security. My medical condition has deteriorated significantly because I cannot afford to buy my medications. My insurance is Medicare which has no prescription coverage. My monthly income is $1145/month which certainly doesn't stretch to pay $197 for medications. My son now lives with my ex-husband and I pay him $118/mo in child support which offsets my $97/mo in spousal support.

My income now is $13K a year and I'm in hardship even if they don't attach my SS check. I'm also a foster mom (though currently w/o children), but the money I receive for them is FOR THEM, not to repay my personal debts. (Posted in 2005!)

If I contact the CA attorney and explain everything (it would be a "nice" letter, I do "pathetic" pretty well, LOL), am I re-aging anything?

I'm considered "judgement proof" since I don't own real property or have a job.

My plan -- instead of PFD -- is to:

1) Play dumb ... had several medical bills at once, thought whatever Medicare didn't pay was written off, didn't know they weren't paid until I saw my CR (partially true, although most of my doctors do write off the nonreimbursed part and they referred me to the CO account doctors).

3) Explain their CO is causing a problem for me to qualify for a special "no down payment" low-income government program to buy a home (partially true).

Contradicts her own statements here -

About 8 years ago I took out a $15K "private lender" loan for 1 semester of law school. Didn't continue due to medical disability.


In 1996 after being dismissed from my first semester of law school for poor grades, I requested a one year forbearance from my TERI lender due to disability.

Information about the registration and ownership of can be found here.

Heidi's statments about being judgement proof can be found here.
"Fortunately I'm judgement proof ... no assets, no cash, no checking account, no job, and my income is non-taxable so no IRS refunds to attach. The student loan people are so frustrated, LOL! "

Heidi's statement that her heart is fine - despite disability claims.
( Post # 287 Contradicting her Social Security Disability claim of "Heart problems")
Interesting comment about arrhythmia. About 10 years ago I felt my heart skipping a beat and figured I should have it checked out. Went through the entire series of cardio tests (stress, echo, Holter, EKG) which showed my heart was in perfect condition. My cardiologist explained that when I didn't "hear" my heart beat, it was going behind the muscle rather than in front. He also pointed out that hearts are living "things" and don't operate with mechanical precision like a fuel pump. OK, doc, got it.

A few years ago I had another echocardiogram/EKG because of the Phen Fen litigation to see if I had the damage associated with those drugs. I took them for a few months when I was 21. Absolutely nothing wrong, and these are doctors paid by the attorneys ... they want to find something, anything! Nope, nada, nothing.

Yet she says this on another board -

From 1997 to present, I continue to be disabled and am certified every 3 years through an independent physician selected by Social Security. My medical condition has deteriorated significantly because I cannot afford to buy my medications. My insurance is Medicare which has no prescription coverage.

Partially due to not have my necessary medications, my (detailed medical info) has deteriorated and has additionally caused (detailed medical info).

It is physically difficult for me to get to the post office to mail letters and I live alone, so I'm contacting you via email with a courtesy copy to your attorney,

Now, 1 year and MUCH medical documentation later, my $43K in federal/state student loans is being discharged due to permanent disability of a "deteriorating" nature.

Miscellaneous Interest:

4/15/1999, one Heidi Diaz issued citation for traffic violation; defendant stats include weight: 165
(if you search the records, it's case 03635HD)

9/27/2006, one Heidi Diaz is issued a citation for breaking animal vaccination/transfer regulations; defendant weight: 215
(if you search the records, it's case 392031HD)


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