Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Blue Sweater Picture

There is a lot of talk about the blue sweater pictures that have surfaced on Classmates.com, Kimmer's dating profiles and in her own avatars as well.

One of our Columbo-style readers found Brandon Diaz's myspace and a very long, very gothic style video made for him by his wife/girlfriend.

As Brandon is now 18 years old and has already put these pictures up on the web, they are fair use and I don't want any comments about violating anyone's privacy or any of that garbage.

Brandon then and now -

What this shows is that the boy in the "blue sweater" picture on Classmates (and elsewhere) is indeed Brandon Diaz, years ago, thus confirming that the blue sweater woman is Heidi Diaz.

What does this really mean?

I dunno. Just posted it for reference!



OhYeahBabe said...

Cute boy. It's a shame about his mother.

Encourage people who were members of Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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