Sunday, July 29, 2007

An observation...

I used to visit AOL chatrooms a lot, and there were quite a few which were run by self-styled experts in their chosen subjects. These guys (or gals) tended to have a close-knit clique around them who looked up to them, and would defend them to the (textual) death. Any passer-by who disagreed with them would find themselves the target of vitriolic attacks, and no amount of logic or calm argument would deflect them from championing their hero or heroine.

So, it seems to me that Ms Kimmer is simply another version of that self-proclaiming expert - a person who has a smattering of knowledge, but an ego that boosts her up to make her seem almost omniscient.

They all self-destruct eventually. Like a house with no foundations, they sink lower and lower until finally vanishing, and Kimkins will be forgotten in a year or so.

One final thought - which group in any society like to keep their real names and pictures secret?

Francis St-Pierre said...

What's your name?

kimkinscankill said...

Why? If Kimmer can hide her name and when asked to reveal it, replied "not a chance", then certainly that's good enough for me too, yes?

I, on the other hand, am not selling anything, giving medical advice, promising any miracles - simply providing information collected.

Why would you want to know my name over the name of someone who is profiting from their "mysteriousness" ?

Makes ya wonder.

Anonymous said...

~you said "...and Kimkins will be forgottenin a year or so."

Sorry, Charlie, but the Kimkins "plan" has been around for WELL over a year, and seems to be going strong...

Kimkinscankill said...

Sorry, Anonymous, I never said that. (I also know how to spell forgotten, so it definitely wasn't me!)

Check your sources before assigning quotations! :D

Kimkinscankill said...

My co-author said that, ha! That'll teach me to read his posts once in awhile, lol.

I do agree though that Kimkins will be forgotten, sooner rather than later, as more and more people discover the dangers lurking within the glossy advertising.

Anonymous said...

Can a dangerous crash diet fad ever be fully forgotten? Maybe instead it gains its place in the annals of ridiculous diet plans, alongside the cabbage soup diet.

Kimkins Dangers said...

As long as people stop doing it and find a healthy and safe way to lose weight, that'll do.

Francis St-Pierre said...

I'm asking because you said : "One final thought - which group in any society like to keep their real names and pictures secret?"

I just wanted you to live up to your own standards... Maybe you have an agenda or profit from it in some way. How do we know?

Kimkins Dangers said...

I have an agenda, indeed. To raise awareness about the dangers of Kimkins and hopefully to prevent anyone from embarking upon such a dangerous crash-diet.

As for profiting.. well, do you see any ads here? Google ads? Banner ads? Hmm, I don't.

As for me using my real name - why don't you apply the same tenacity and desire for accountability from Kimmer herself - who is definitely profiting - selling her own success story with no proof whatsoever.

If I was selling something, based on my own experience with it and expected people to buy it because it worked for me, you can be sure my name and my real picture would be all over it, including real life interviews with film!

This is not for that purpose.

I might reveal my real name someday, but it's not necessary now. Perhaps you'd make more progress trying to debate the issues about the diet plan and Kimmer's fraud instead of being so eager to find my identity, lol.

OhYeahBabe said...

Kimkins might be forgotten in a year, since she may very well be in jail.

Encourage people who were members of Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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