Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Letter to Kimmer


I'd like to speak with you, if I may, about some of the issues raised lately concerning your diet plans. I hope you will take the time to read this and ponder the questions contained herein. You need not reply, as I am simply asking for you to consider what I am writing in a deep and spiritual way.

I am not here to attack you. I will not call you names or berate you in any way. I simply wish to convey a series of thoughts and concerns that I hope you will sincerely contemplate.

When we achieve a level of personal success, it is a wonderful feeling and we wish very strongly to share that success with others, hoping to inspire and aid them on their own quest. We easily become wrapped up in a sort of guru mentality. After all, we have done it! We know it works! We have the answer and we want so badly to share it with everyone else.

When we see success mirrored back to us from those with whom we have shared our secret, we are empowered and validated. We then seek to share the success with more and more people. Not only did it work for us, but look, it worked for others as well! How wonderful!

In that cycle of validation and euphoria, we can easily loose sight of other important matters, such as the fact that our plan for success might not be best suited for everyone. It could involve dangers that we don't know about or understand. We are loathe to imagine that we could possibly not know something about this as we are convinced that we hold the key. Criticism is not taken kindly and brushed off as jealousy or other negative emotions.

I understand this cycle, I've been there, so the saying goes, though thankfully not with anything as dangerous as a diet plan and I have learned my lessons well.

Kimmer, or Heidi, or whatever you prefer to be called by, is it not possible, even remotely, that perhaps there are risks and dangers associated with your plan that you are not aware of? There is a wealth of information clearly showing that some aspects of your diet plans are indeed, extremely dangerous for certain individuals. Is your desire to be RIGHT stronger than your desire to see others flourish with good health and safety?

I know you often reply that being overweight is more dangerous than any diet plan, but that is simply not the case. Can you admit for one moment that there are some things more dangerous than fat? Or even admit that perhaps you do not know if there is anything more dangerous, but there could be?

I know you have been reading many of the blogs, articles and forums wherein the risks and dangers associated with your plans have clearly been explained. I'm sure you feel that everyone else is wrong and they are simply too weak to follow your tough plan and are therefore making excuses and citing erroneous information to try to convince others that it is ok to be weak and not strong enough for your tough plan. Kimkins is not for sissies, it has been said. You yourself have said that only the most dedicated and motivated people can succeed on your plan. Have you ever considered that perhaps, just perhaps, you are wrong?

You probably don't believe in the laws of Karma which state that everything you do ultimately returns unto you, some say three times as good or bad as your original action. For example, if you give someone who is hungry $10 to eat, sometime in the future you will be gifted $30 from a different source. It all returns unto you eventually. Even Christianity has a saying that encompasses this thought, quoted by Ezekiel. It is not a mysterious esoteric philosphy.

I would ask you to consider this for a moment, quite sincerely. You are steaming ahead, forging this diet empire, advertising, recruiting, challenging. You are utterly convinced that you are correct and everyone else is wrong. You have success stories! You have others on your plan that have success stories! You cannot possibly be wrong! You'll show everyone who is right in the end! They'll thank you for it.

But Kimmer, there are those that are not thanking you for it. There are those who are currently suffering from your plan. There are those who know, without doubt, that you are not correct. Can you not simply consider that they may have a point?

Your plan of fasting, laxatives, very low calories, low fat, low carb, low everything may have worked for you - though we don't know that for sure, we only have your word to go by, which is quickly losing its power. That does not mean that it is safe for everyone else, can you not possibly understand that?

I ask you to stop, just for a few moments. Step away from the computer, away from the glossy magazine covers, away from the adoration of your fans and sit by yourself and look into a mirror. As you look at yourself sitting there, feeling rather smug. Ask yourself if you are really and honestly convinced that you, and only you, hold all the answers. Is it not possible that there is someone else who may know more than you do?

Is the money or the adoration you receive on a daily basis REALLY worth the risk of harming someone or perhaps even ending their life? Don't respond by saying that they would die anyway of being overweight - that is a cop out and does not answer the question. Do YOU want to be the instrument of another's death? Are you THAT certain that you are truly correct that you are willing to take that risk?

What proof can you offer that you are truly correct?

What medical studies have been done to show that your plan is safe for everyone?

What proof is there that the medical studies that prove your plan is incorrect, are themselves incorrect?

What can you say to those who HAVE been and who ARE being harmed by your plan right now?

Please, please, please Kimmer. Sit with these thoughts in your head and contemplate them. Try to be honest with yourself, at least and then perhaps, you can shift your focus away from you and place it onto those you would "save".

OhYeahBabe said...

She may find herself with a lot of time to contemplate soon!

Don't let your friends, or even your enemies, do the Kimkins Diet! Encourage people who were members of Kimkins to join the Kimkins lawsuit!

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